Chinese people discriminate against Chinese people

As a Chinese game player, I don’t understand. I met my compatriot Chinese players in the international server, but he maliciously laughed at my poor English. I raised him. When he saw me talking to foreigners at home in English, he said that my English grammar was wrong and scolded me for being a waste. I‘m really speechless. I think sometimes I really don’t blame people from other countries for saying that we z. I just want to talk about some of the bad game behaviors of our Chinese players, because I can‘t get used to it. Some people lower the game environment and personal quality of Chinese players. My English is really not good, but I feel the friendly treatment in the international service. I hope to communicate with foreigners and get along well with foreigners in my ordinary English. And the person mentioned above boasted that his English was very good in the way of trampling on others. Of course, he did not say a single English sentence in the whole process :slight_smile: This kind of behavior in China, we call it pretending.


i think your english is very good :heart::fire: really good.

also if you don’t get a chance to talk, how should you learn it? i think this other person has a weird concept, on how language works. also you don’t have to be perfect at a language for being understood. there is a time to learn and practice and you will get an understanding of the culture. also languages open up possibility to talk to more people.

i wish i could speak chinese :star_struck: so many more people to talk to and new content to read, watch and experience. for me personally, english is also not my first language. but i like the access i gained with learning a second language. it opened up the possibility for example to talk to you :heart:

and if i play with chinese players, i call myself 爱丽丝. it’s the first name a chinese player gave me, as i’ve got born to them.

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Your English is WONDERFUL.

I am the same. I am so sorry what happened to you!



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Thank you! I have always believed that language barrier is indeed a problem, but people from different countries are striving to learn different languages in order to have friendly communication and harmonious coexistence with people from different countries. I hope we can all meet good teammates and create a good gaming environment together! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: