Chinese Players on Japanese Server

Chinese people come to the Japanese server every day to cause trouble.
They kill sheep, tear down fences, call their friends over, say bad things about Japan without doing any work, and eat up the village’s food.
When Japanese people talk to them, they speak in English to avoid being recognized as Chinese, and when the Japanese people leave, they say bad things about Japanese people in Chinese.
When a child is born, they are taken far away and left behind to starve to death.
I get angry because in every village there are notes saying Japan should sink!'' and Let’s defeat Japan!’’ on bulletin boards.
Please let Chinese people resolve the issue of not raising children on a Chinese server.
I don’t want to feed Chinese people who come to say bad things to me.
Stop coming and trolling the hard working Japanese servers!
Even if you curse them, they’ll only come once, and they’ll come in groups, and they’ll come again to bury your bones!
Please make sure that no one can access the Japanese server!

I am sorry this is happening. :pensive: :slightly_frowning_face: :frowning_face:

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i am so sorry to hear that!i am really sorry!

I hope we can create a harmonious and loving world together, whether in the game or in real life.

I know something about what you said. These people not only destroy your home, but also destroy us. We hate them very much!

My friends and I have been calling for harmony and fraternity, but there are always some people with low quality, and we are also very angry.

When i am new,i went to your town.You treat me as a friend,i think you are very hardworking and friendly.After that,i built my own town.

i really don’t know how to stop them……i am so sorry to hear that.

The only thing i can do is suggest you make rules like us in order to protect yourselves.

I hope u can understand what i said because my English is not so u!

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I agree with you.
Before there were so many malicious Chinese players, even foreigners used to have fun playing the game.
However, lately I’ve been scared, thinking, “It’s Chinese again! I wonder if something will happen to me again?”
There are some Japanese people who try to create rules among themselves, but when a baby is born, everyone is so happy that they hold them and let them grow.
There are still many people who don’t want to follow the rules, saying, “It’s pathetic to let babies starve!” and “There are good foreigners too!”
So, we have no choice but to create a program that will no longer allow people to go to other countries, have Japanese people lose to malicious players and quit the game, or watch their villages being destroyed.
i am sad.
Thank you for enjoying the Japan server.
Once the bad players are eliminated, let’s create a village together again.

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You’re not a bad person.
Please don’t apologize.
The bad guys are the Chinese who bring politics into the game.