Chinese publisher is now stealing from Don't Starve

When I looked at this website, I couldn’t believe my eyes:

They have “mixed” the Don’t Starve trees, grass, and “Gobbler” (turkey) with the characters from my game.

[image removed, possible copyright infringement]

What the hell is going on here?

And obviously, if anyone has the impression that I was involved with this, the damage to my reputation is enormous.


There’s also another knockoff.

Oh, yeah, that stuff has been there forever (the OHOL cash-grab knock-off where you collect treasure or whatever). That was around before the mobile game, I think.

I’ve asked that post be pulled. That’s a bad on my part. Old, not at all a port, BUT using the name and art.

Has someone alerted Klei?

I just saw this on their website…

Yes, Wumbo, that’s the artwork that I saw before too.

Somehow, this got remixed for the header with Don’t Starve artwork (and also wild-eyed fruit boot woman in the front, instead of Classic Eve).

Also, not sure if you’re aware, but the “Classic Eve” that DualDecade keeps using in their logo is a drawing of my own mother…

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I never knew that. Wow!

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China doesn’t seem to be best of places to try to do business as a foreigner…


So the irony, even in that “Yellow Brick Road” picture above, is that they are using a drawing of me and a drawing of my own mother to promote a version of the game that I now, for so many reasons, specifically disapprove of.


It’s not. The minute a design or a plan walks in the front door, it is shuffled out the back door to another factory/company.

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Forget it, just look at their website for the video.

Yeah, saw your name leak there… thanks for trying!

Well, ■■■■…

It’s a real shame. I wish you wouldn’t give up. If you want to preserve your legacy you’re going to have to fight for it now.

Not many people have a compass that points true north no matter what persuasions are made and I fully respect you for being one of the few and far between.


I agree with you 100%!

OMG. Never seen before and obviously never approved. It’s like they do it deliberately now.
Told them to remove it immediately.


I can only wonder what their response will be.

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I can only implore you not to share it further, for both ours and Jason’s sake. Let’s hope it disappears quickly.


I won’t.