Code for Town so griefers have problems to join

Maybe you can use a code for your town, so you only play with players who know the code. Maybe use something that needs different keyboard like ä ö ü or characters that are not often used in a language like:

Code for a japanese town: ヰ
Code for a chinese town: 爨

So each time you get a baby, ask for the code. If the player dosen’t give you the right code, let them die.

Once i had players i raised, but then they used a code. So in the end i couldn’t join anymore, because i didn’t had the code to my own town :wink:

Also use the curse button, so you wont get them as baby anymore or as mother anymore.



We’ve used code in the past, but unfortunately, bad guys can quickly figure out what your password is through clairvoyance, so we have to abandon this method.