Come to our town :)

Hello! I am Nami Kaze and I would like to invite everyone to play with us in our town at the no kids Server. We welcome everyone who wants to join us. We already got a nice town near the spawn area and we are happy about every new player who wants to settle down and helps with stuff. We are a nice community where everyone helps each other. If you want to join us, just come and play. We talk mostly in english, but we got players from all over the world. It doesn’t matter from where you come from.
We got alot of shops, animals, houses, we even have a penguin soccer and a catch the goose game. :heart: I put a few pictures in this post, but we got alot more to explore. If you want, come and see by yourself. :heart:
I hope to see you soon there.



I saw this town and a sign with your name on it. Sometimes the town is broken, but it was you to fix it!

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