Community service for griefer

Give griefer an order for community service.

First, Wolf, thank you for your help in restoring the broken town.

We can do nothing but overpower or expel him with a knife or other weapon to prevent him from killing or destroying more.
All you can do is work hard for a town that’s upset or broken.

So I’d like to suggest.

Please develop the current deportation function or further.
Why don’t people in the village punish the griefer, and the punished griefer sets a mission for the town?
For example, the residents will vote to decide on the necessary missions for the village, such as baking 100 pies and making 50 bricks, and until they finish, Griefer will not be able to leave the village. And the more you repeat the griefer act, the more punishment you get.

Now we have nothing else we can do but overpower or expel him with a knife or something to stop him from killing or destroying more.
All you can do is work hard for a town that’s upset or broken.

Historically, we developed ourselves and maintained the order of the village through majority rule or law. If they violate the law and do not keep order by threatening someone, they go to prison and are punished for doing volunteer work for the society.

Like our society, they need to be given community service orders.
It’s not like simply deporting the griefer to spend time playing the game and escape, not to stop them, nor to soothe the people who are upset with the broken village. Simple deportation will not deter future griefer behavior. Please review it.

A few days ago, when Wolf came to help the village of Korea Server which was broken by Griefer, he would have seen many children born.
I’m sure there were a lot of users, but most people went there to recover from the news that there was a town that was damaged by the griefer.
All we can do now is continue to use our labor and our emotions.

Please let us pay for our actions so that we can protect our village.


그리퍼에게 사회봉사 명령을 내려주세요.

우선, wolf 당신이 망가진 마을을 복구하는 것을 도와준 것에 감사드립니다.

우리는 그리퍼가 더 많은 살인이나 파괴를 하지 못하도록 칼 등의 무기로 제압하거나 추방하는 방법 외에는 할 수 있는 것이 없습니다.
할 수 있는 일은 속상해하거나 망가진 마을을 위해 열심히 일해주는 것 뿐입니다.

그래서 제안하고 싶습니다.

현재 있는 추방 기능 또는 이를 더 발전시켜 마을에 있는 사람들이 그리퍼를 벌하고, 벌을 받은 그리퍼가 그 마을을 위해 할 미션을 정해주는 것은 어떨까요?
예를 들어 파이 100개 굽기, 벽돌 50개 만들기 등 주민들이 투표를 통해 마을에 필요한 미션을 정하고, 이를 다 끝낼 때 까지 그리퍼는 마을을 떠날 수 없도록 하는 것 입니다.
그리퍼 행위를 반복할 수록 가중처벌도 이루어지게 하고요.

역사적으로 우리는 스스로 발전하며 다수결의 원칙이나 법 등을 통해 마을의 질서를 유지시켰습니다. 이를 어기고 누군가를 위협하는 등 질서를 지키지 않으면 교도소에 가기도 하고, 사회를 위해 봉사활동을 하는 처분을 받기도 합니다.

우리 사회처럼 그들에게도 사회봉사 명령이 내려질 필요가 있습니다.
단순히 추방을 통해 그리퍼들이 게임을 켜놓고 시간을 보내다 탈출하는 것으로는 그들을 저지할 수도, 부서진 마을로 속상해하는 사람을 달래줄 수도 없는 것 같습니다. 단순한 추방으로는 앞으로의 그리퍼 행위를 저지하기도 어렵습니다. 검토 부탁드립니다.

며칠전 울프가 그리퍼로 인하여 망가진 한국서버의 마을을 도와주러 왔을 때, 많은 아이가 태어나는 것을 봤을 것입니다.
사용자가 많은 이유도 있었겠지만, 대부분의 사람들이 그리퍼로 인해 망가진 마을이 있다는 소식을 듣고 복구하기 위해 찾아간 것입니다
현재 우리가 할수있는 것은 계속 우리의 노동력과 감정을 소모하는 것 뿐입니다.

우리가 우리의 마을을 지킬 수 있게, 그들이 자신이 한 행동에 댓가를 치를 수 있도록 해주시길 부탁드립니다.


I agree with her. I met a number of grippers in yesterday’s game. Even if they were exiled, they came back a few hours later and destroyed the village. I thought carefully about not raising a child because of this. It’s so painful that the Gryffer I evicted directly targets destroying my loftiesta or town. They also need a strong penalty.


I really like the idea of community service! I am not quite sure how it could be implemented successfully in the current game though. Let’s say someone tries to kill all sheep and cut down all trees. The village sentences them to “bake 50 pies”. What would prevent the person from continuing to cut down trees and do other bad stuff, while they are under the sentence?

I will definitely think more about this though. I think Community Service is actually a better punishment than Banishment.

Feel free to help me think :wink:


Maybe once banished they can’t use tools, can only use tools related to the task?

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Yes, it would have to be combined with something like that. At the same time, they would have to be able to survive, which means food supply…

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First of all, there are two main purposes that I think about community service.

  1. The damage done by griefer belongs to those who are good and consume their labor and emotions.
  2. The present state of affairs is weak in punishment and the power to curb their bad behavior is weak.

I want to degrade their willingness to do it again, the more repeated they do it, rather than the pie they provide as a community service right now.

In reality, people are punished with aggravated punishment for repeatedly committing crimes. Why don’t you also face aggravated punishment if the Griefer act is repeated?
Right now, we start with 50 pies, and the more we repeat, the more we make our own iron cars.

Thinking about this idea a little bit more, I want them to do community service in the villages where they’ve been deported, and to compensate the villages for the damage they’ It is thought that there is a danger to using the resources of the villages that they have damaged.

I don’t know what type of village is being deported.
So maybe it’s not possible to implement it through games, but what I’m thinking now is that it’s similar to the Tutorial Mode feature that we’re offering today.

  1. They perform community service in the villages of the griefer where they were exiled.

  2. The pace of initialization of the town is rapid.
    This is to ensure that the recent Griefer acts in a group, and that they can be prepared in advance to complete a faster community service mission, so that they are punished.
    In addition, as Wolf said, they should only be able to use tools to complete community service. To prevent the griefer from acting together.

  3. If they complete the mission (punishment given), as is the current exercise server mode, they will be able to get out of the village, and the affected village will be automatically compensated for the mission.

My current plan is as above.
I wrote down the things that I find difficult to judge if it is feasible through games.
If you like this idea, please review it as far as you can and introduce it.

Thank you for your hard work.


우선, 사회봉사를 생각한 주 목적은 두가지입니다.

  1. 그리퍼가 준 피해는 오롯이 선량한 사람들의 몫이되어 그들의 노동력과 감정을 소모하게 한다.

  2. 현재상태는 처벌이 약해 그들의 나쁜 행동을 억제하는 힘이 약하다.

저는 그리퍼가 당장 사회봉사로 제공하는 파이, 철로 도움을 받기보다 그리퍼 행위가 반복될수록 그들이 또 다시 그리퍼 행위를 할 의지를 저하시키고 싶습니다.

현실에서 사람이 죄를 반복적으로 저지르면 가중처벌을 받습니다. 그리퍼 행위가 반복되면 이또한 가중처벌을 받는 것은 어떨까요?

당장은 파이 50개로 시작하며, 반복될수록 직접 구해온 철로 자동차 만들기 등을 하는 것입니다.

이 아이디어를 조금 더 생각해보니, 그들이 추방되어 간 마을에서 사회봉사를 하고 그 결과물은 피해를 준 마을에 보상으로 주었으면 좋겠습니다. 그들이 피해를 준 마을의 자원을 이용하는 것에는 위험이 있다고 생각됩니다.

저는 추방되어 가는 마을이 어떤 형태인지 모릅니다.

그래서 게임을 통한 구현이 불가능할지 모르나, 제가 현재 생각한 것은 아래와 같으며, 이는 현재 제공하는 기능인 튜토리얼 모드 (연습서버) 기능과 유사합니다.

  1. 그들은 그들이 추방되어 간 그리퍼들의 마을에서 사회봉사를 수행합니다.

  2. 그리퍼 마을은 초기화되는 속도가 빨리 진행됩니다.

이는 최근 그리퍼가 집단으로 행동한다는 점, 그들이 더 빠른 사회봉사 미션 완료를 위해 미리 준비할 수 있다는 점을 고려하여 그들이 처벌다운 처벌을 받기 위함입니다.

더불어 wolf의 말처럼 그들은 사회봉사를 완료하기 위한 도구만 사용할 수 있어야 합니다. 함께 행동하는 그리퍼를 돕지 못하게 하기 위함입니다.

  1. 현재 있는 연습서버 모드처럼 해당 미션(주어진 처벌)을 완료하면 그들은 그 마을에서 벗어날 수 있으며, 피해를 받은 마을은 자동으로 미션 보상을 받게 됩니다.

현재 제 구상은 위와 같습니다.

게임으로 구현가능여부는 제가 판단하기가 어려워 생각하는 것들을 우선 적어보았습니다.

이 아이디어가 마음에 드신다면, 구현 가능한 선에서 검토하시고 도입을 부탁드립니다.

애써주심에 감사드립니다.


If they do community service in the village of Griefer where they were deported, and there is compensation in the village, they will have to grow berries and store food in their village.
It’s a punishment for getting food and community service in prison.
Is it difficult to implement in a form similar to a tutorial mode (practice mode) server?


as much as i’d love for all griefers to be punished, i also am understanding that this game is supposed to be realistic and free for players to do survive the way they choose…just like in the real world. In the real world, people who commit crimes get locked up (aka donkey town) if they don’t learn from that punishment then even longer time behind bars (aka longer time in donkey town) if they continue to misbehave further than it tends to lead to being behind bars for most if not all their lives (aka donkey town for a veryyyyyyyyyy long time or worse banishment from game depending how often they get banished). we will always have the good and the bad in ANY game no matter how hard we try to contain it. it’s just life. i’d rather the game focus more on updating items instead of punishments that are impossible to fully control. i’d suggest keeping it simple, 3 strikes you’re out. no one will test those boundaries hard enough unless they truly don’t want to play the game anymore, in which case, good riddance.

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I’m not trying to make the Griefer act disappear from this game. A new griefer always happens. However, I thought that it was necessary to impose sanctions on the griefer, who is steadily improving his game skills and is becoming worse. So by introducing community service, the new griefer’s behavior at the right level is not significantly controlled by the proper level of social service, but is vicious and completely destroyed by a village, so I hope that the griefer will strengthen the punishment as he has done this many times over and over and over again. Or, considering this, we could give social services according to the level of community collapse.


@Christoffer @EmberWolf

I accept a certain amount of griefer behavior as part of the game contents. Now that you think about this, why don’t you set the level of community service punishment to the level of criminal punishment of the griefer instead of strengthening the punishment by repeating it? The crime level could be set by a village vote. If you’ve simply killed people or killed all the sheep you raise in the village, you’ve baked 30 pies, and you’ve destroyed the whole town, you’ve got a big punishment. Villagers can only assess the level of crime Griefer has. Couldn’t a system like this reduce serious damage by allowing Griefer to accept part of the game?

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i do love the idea of community service don’t get me wrong, i just feel the amount of time and energy that would have to go into figuring out how to go about putting this into the game would take away from all the other things that could be added/updated to make the game even more exciting and at the same time it could help with griefers not getting to that point of boredom to want to grief.

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I’m sorry if you misunderstood me. Because my English is not good enough, I wrote a comment thinking that we would share each other’s thoughts softly and come up with a new idea, but I think I didn’t deliver the meaning properly. I mainly thought of ways to control the griefer systemically. Because they thought they could use the weapons that would defeat them. Listening to your opinion, Griefer also came across as part of the game, ‘What if the villagers poke the griefer and mark it as a Griefer through deportation, and then they’ll get more time for their disadvantage?’ I hope that exchanging opinions for the resolution of Gripper will be activated at the forum.

I like the idea. Maybe a griefer who got punished has to be recognized to others. For example his name gets red as long he has the punishment. I would block him from using tools during the time. The punishment should be related to the town like already suggested. Baking pies is a good idea. Maybe there could be a counter on the screen for every step which is used to make them. Make it so, that the griefer has to make everything by his own for making the pies. Starting with gather the recourses to make a oven, collecting wood for fire, making 50 plates and this should be counted inside the area. Recourses maybe not because nobody knows how far new recourses will be from the town but he should have any actions blocked which aren’t related to the task. You make sure that no friend could come to help and he has to make everything alone. Only then when all tasks are finished he will be released. What do you think?

That’s right. I hope it’s updated like that. I’m a little careful about coloring my name so that everyone knows. Some people make mistakes because they don’t know the game right or because they’re not manipulative enough. Except for this, coloring the names of Greeper may vary depending on how operators, including Christopher, will look at them. Are they part of the game, or are they something that needs to be suppressed and eradicated? Playing mostly on Korean servers, I think their recent actions are increasingly something to oppress and eradicate in this game. Of course, the light level of griefer is still acceptable as part of the game, but it also destroys the whole town. Well, yesterday I watched a child born in my village build a village around my village, follow my path to kill me, and kill my sheep and my pigs. He will keep coming to my village and live near my village. I think grieepers are also part of the game, but it’s hard for me to see them as just part of the game anymore. I think we need to suppress it.

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Unless the punishments are tightened, the griefer will continue their actions, which will extend beyond the Korea servers to all servers.
Make Donkey Town as a tutorial zone. Instead, in Donkey Town, the griefer’s food meter does not decrease and there are no dangerous things in it, so the griefer cannot die. And the griefer can’t get out of Donkey Town unless he finishes his mission in Donkey Town. Only one griefer can be placed in the mission area of ​​Donkey Town. In the mission area of ​​Donkey Town, you only have the materials to clear the mission. The more often griefer come to Donkey Town, the more missions griefer have to clear. It’s like baking 50 pies and ending with 500 pies.

처벌이 강화되지 않는 한 그리퍼는 계속 그들의 행위를 지속할 것이고, 이것은 한국 서버를 넘어 전체 서버로 확장될 것이다.
동키타운을 튜토리얼존처럼 만들자.
대신 동키타운에서는 그리퍼의 음식 미터가 달지 않고, 그 안에는 위험한 것들이 없어서 그리퍼가 죽을 수도 없다.
그리고 그리퍼는 동키타운 안에 있는 미션을 끝내지 않으면 동키타운에서 나올 수 없다.
동키타운의 미션 구역에는 구역 단위로 단 1명의 그리퍼만 들어갈 수 있다. 동키타운의 미션 구역 안에는 미션을 클리어하기 위한 재료만 있다.
동키타운에 자주 올수록 클리어해야할 미션의 양이 많아진다.
마치 파이 50개 굽기로 시작해서 파이 500개 굽기로 끝나는 식으로 말이다.


Where will all those pies go after the griefer is done?

On the developer side, it’s gone. Donkey Town should be ready for the new griefer.
Speaking from the user’s point of view, pies are sent to the town where Griefer visited previously. Pie is a gift that means Griefer’s apologizes. Pie is a reward for users suffering from griefers. If they have received a lot of pies, this means the griefer is really bad person. Users have suffered more than many pies by vicious griefers.

개발자의 측면에서 말하자면, 사라지는 것이다. 동키 타운이 새로운 그리퍼를 맞이할 준비를 해야한다. 사용자의 입장에서 말하자면, 그리퍼가 이전에 방문한 마을로 보내진다.
파이들은 그리퍼가 한 행동에 대한 사죄의 의미이다. 만약 그들이 수많은 파이를 받았다면, 이것은 아주 나쁜 그리퍼를 만났다는 의미이다. 사용자들은 악독한 그리퍼로 인해 그들이 받을 수많은 파이 이상으로 고통받았을 것이다.


Hi really really like this idea! The griefer has to accomplish the mission before he can play again and the pies are sent to the town where he got banned from. That’s great! Maybe griefers stop griefing when they always get punished like that and the people get something as an excuse in reward. Maybe missions are variable. One time a griefer has to bake pies, other time he has to make tools, other time he has to get wool. I think depending on how many times he got send to donkey town the punishment should be harder. I think first time should be only donkey town, second time bake 50 pies… And so on.


That’s right, let’s diversify Donkey Town’s mission. Make Steel Ingot, palm oil, and Tank of Kerosene. By the time the Griefer returns to the town, they will be able to master various skills and become a proud member of the town.

맞아, 동키 타운의 미션을 다양하게 만들자.
철괴를 제련하고, 기름도 만들고, 석유도 시추하자.
그리퍼가 마을로 돌아올 때쯤 그들은 다양한 스킬을 습득해서 마을의 당당한 일원이 될 수 있을거야.

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삶의 보상

  1. 60살을 살면 BP 1점을 획득한다.
  2. BP 5점을 사용하여 저장된 장소로 부활한다.
  3. 상대방을 추방시 BP 1점을 소모한다.
  4. 연대기에 죽은 사람에게도 추방이 가능하다.
  5. 나이에 상관없이 누구나 추방이 가능하다.
  6. 추방점수가 3점이면 즉시 범죄자가 상태가 된다.
  7. 같은 대상에게 추방 점수가 중복되지 않는다.


  1. 범죄자는 아무런 행동을 할 수 없다. (전복된 마차처럼)
  2. 범죄자를 밧줄로 이동시킬 수 있다. (사로잡힌 말처럼)
  3. 범죄자는 푸드게이지가 줄지 않는다.
  4. 범죄자는 아이를 낳을 수 없다.
  5. 성실한 범죄자는 2시간 뒤에 죽는다.
  6. 불성실한 범죄자는 추가로 추방이 가능하고 회당 한시간이 증가한다.


  1. 범죄자를 울타리에 묵으면 노예가 된다. (사로잡힌 말처럼)
  2. 노예는 울타리에 묵인 반경 10픽셀로 이동이 가능하다. (일할수 있다)
  3. 훌륭한 노예는 1시간 뒤에 죽는다.
  4. 불성실한 노예는 추가로 추방이 가능하고 회당 30분이 증가한다.
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