Construct Floors

Wooden Floors

For contructing a wooden floor you need a wooden board which is made out 1 butt log.

Use a froe on the butt log and hit it with a mallet.

Now you have a wooden board.

For placing the board on the ground use stakes and a stone.

Hit the stakes 4 times with the stone so they will build a square.

Place the wooden boards on the stakes.

When you put a bear skin rug on the floor the temperature will rise.

If you misplaced the floor you can use an adze. Swipe across the floor.

The adze will wear out over time but you will recover the wooden board and the bear skin rug.

Stone Floors

For a stone floor you need 1 rock. You find them in the badlands, desert, greenlands and tundra.

For digging up a rock you need a shovel.

With a chisel and a mallet you can split the rock in halfs.

You can walk at normal speed when you only carry the half of a rock.

The rock will also fit into a cart when you split the rock.

When you put the rock halfs back together you can use the chisel and mallet again.

There you go - you have now a cut stone. The chisel and mallet will wear out after to many hits.

You can place the cut stone on stakes for a stone floor.

If misplaced you can us a pickaxe on it. Swipe across the floor.

The pickaxe will wear out over time but you will recover the cut stone.


Is this a toturial for new players? It seems this took pretty long. You even made 4. Wow, good job!


Thanks Kvo :slight_smile:
It was @EmberWolf idea to make these tutorials for new players.
@Shnappers also already made a nice post about How to hunt Bears.
You can join us if you want :slight_smile:
We will collect all the topics after that in a big post.