List of Strategy Advices & Helpful Websites

Official You Are Hope Communities

You Are Hope Discord server

You Are Hope Twitter

You Are Hope Japanese Twitter

Helpful Websites

One Hour One Life Wiki (A lot of items are different now)

Player made building planner

Here you find some tips from the You are Hope Community:


Compass and Markers

Starting a Village

Start a Camp

Start a Basic Town

Help in a new Camp – Video

Respawns – Video

Start a fire for beginners

Food and Farming

Food Sources – Video

Farming Crops – Video

Compost – Video

Get Red and White Roses

Kiln and Pottery

Kiln and Pottery – Video


Bellow, Hammer and Iron – Video

Forging Steel Tools – Video


Breed Lambs – Video

Hunting Bears

Hunting Bears – Video

Taming Horses

Breeding dogs


Construct Floors

Construct Roads

Paint / Dye / Colors

White Paint – Video


Switch Light and Dark Mode

Mute and Ignore Users

If you made a tutorial you can share it with us and we will include it in this topic.

Special thanks to the players that made the tutorials and @Heidi_van_Bergen for helping put together this list.


I highly recommend pinning this thread and turning it into a wiki for users to contribute to.

Another thread (also pinned and turned into a wiki) for non-English speakers would be nice.


Yes we thought about translating some topics into japanese, because there are lots of players speaking this language. And we also considered translating into other languages.

Also the wiki for discourse is a nice feature. Maybe we will turn this topic into a wiki soon. Thanks for your suggestions.

Yeah, I really hope so. It would allow the list to grow without the need for @EmberWolf to keep updating it.

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