Coolest mom I've ever had(Vaughn)

STARRING JimmyBillBob Vaughn AND Yannet Vaughn

I’m relatively new to this game,and this happened today.i was born into a society who seems moderately advanced,with a nice farm(I love to farm).I was promptly named JimmyBillBob by my mother Yannet.i get to 3 after some time and ask for a job,and happily get farming.she teaches me not to pick milkweed until fruiting,I farm for a while,we worked together to pluck some carrots and after a while she comes up to me asking if I know how to trap.i didn’t,so she shows me how and not to snare unless they have a baby rabbit.i already feel like I’ve learned so much,she says if we meet again she’ll teach me how to make pie…and she was gone.

I donned her backpack and knew what I had to do.i kept harvesting rabbits and after a while I had a lot of fur and raw rabbit Cooked up.but then,my niece who was producing all the babies (I was around 40 now,she was 30) used ALL the fur for herself,which was a bit frusturating.i got everyone a loincloth and gave my backpack to a baby,then died,I had done all I could.

If you see this mom,we have to make those pies one day!Also,this is my first post.


Hey! How are you my son? I didn’t mean to die just as I was telling you to “bring home the bacon”. I was so happy to be teaching someone keen to learn that I forgot to eat!

I’m glad it was a good experience for you! I truly enjoyed life in our little encampment, in no small part because of you!

I’m sorry your niece was a selfish piece of work. That happens. A tip, for life as a trapper: bring home only one skinned bunny. Save the hides where you trap. Cook that rabbit, get yourself a needle from the bones, pick up some thread and make yourself a backpack first. What many people don’t seem to get is that a backpack for the trapper should be the first order of business. With a backpack and a basket the trapper can bring back 7 rabbits at a time which translates into water pouches for the farm, a bellows for the smith and clothes for everyone.

In fact, I don’t think it’s necessary for there to be more than two backpacks in early settlements; one for the trapper and one for the scout to bring back food while the farm is growing. Clothes are more important to reduce food consumption.

I once had a sister who followed me to the fields and chastened me for my “colossal waste of milkweed” (which I had travelled two YEARS to collect). She started griefing by taking and running with my traps and skins. I forgot to eat and starved. Ironically, I was born back into that village, TO HER. Guess who had a full set of clothes while everyone else was still naked and the new trapper still didn’t have a backpack? Yep. Her. The village was in chaos and I wound up starving before I grew enough to be able to pick up a weapon to kill her, which I was fully intent on doing. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyhoo… thank you for the kind words! We should have a “code” so we know it’s us should we meet again!

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