Once I was born to a family in a somewhat big town, we just got a sheep pen. (This was maybe 2 months ago) so I was born and my cousin was born in the same year. I had blonde hair she had red hair. Her mom died when she was born so we adopted her. We were really close. Everything was great until we were 15 and she had a daughter. Her daughter was really rude and suicided. Later when we were maybe 30 my older sister was 40 and all her kids suicided. My cousin and I had only had one kid each, both sons. She had a daughter and she was so sweet and we were both excited. We left her by the fire to get something to eat from maybe 10 tiles away. When we were back she was gone and we were confused so she asked me to go and check in spectator. When I did I saw my sister taking her into the jungle! She gave her yellow fever and left her to die. We banished my sister when we got to the village and got our sons and mother to as well. I had a daughter but my cousin didn’t have any more kids. When we were 45 she showed me a note and told me to read it. I read it. It was a suicide note. She starved immediately after I screamed her name in pain. I persuaded my daughter to name my granddaughter after her, because she was a big part of her life. She agreed. When I died at 60, my last words had something to do with my cousin. I never saw her again.

If you’re seeing this, please lmk, I miss you so much!

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