Daughter ver2.0

There once was a woman named daughter ver 2.0, she was born to a large town where there was nothing to do. As she grew older trouble reared it’s ugly head in the form of a greefer. They would steal newly forged objects, hide things and generally just be a jerk. One day when ver2.0 was coming home, lovely new baby in hand they came across the site of the towns first murder! The little one was scarred and ran away but ver2.0 could only watch as the murderer continued her hunt across the village. Ver2.0 was so scared she ran away and hid with her little one until they were old enough to travel far away from the horrible place. After many tiles they came across a vast green pasture filled with ripe berrie bushes. “This should be our home!” Said the little one and so it was. Soon the new village was teeming with people, ver2.0 had three children and was delighted when her first grandbaby came along. She took over the nersery, looking after her own kids and her kids kids as they continued to build. However tragedy soon struck, the little one now much bigger and older had been foraging with the family cart in the desert when she was bitten by a rattlesnake. Leaving the family cart she ran home to see her loved ones one last time, “cart north” she managed to say before succumbing to her ingurys. Ver2.0 was crushed but so was her newest baby. “Noo” she screamed crying at the loss of her sister. Then only three members remained. Inorder to Help keep the village alive ver2.0 went to find the cart, but the snakes found her first. As she ran back to the village she saw her youngest standing by the berrys with a knife. “NOOO” screamed youngest, 2.0 was so sad to leave her baby and grand baby alone but just after she gave her final farewells, her youngest stabbed her! “Oh” she said all shock sorrow. She never would have guessed things would come full cercle so quickly. Or that a child she loved and feed berries too when she became too old to herself would decide to do something like that. Then she died.


Hey it’s your mom here lol. You were such a sweet child helping me pick up those flat stones your first few years. Sadly there was a wolf that was near them and it got me after I already cleared the area. In my life there it was fun running around gathering all the wood and fire wood. I didn’t notice if there was a griefer or not, I kept a close eye on the tools in the center of the town to make sure no one screwd with em. I was there before Tilly Huggu’s murder spree began.

Now being serious though Tilly Huggu killed 6 people. I have no doubt in my mind that they’re the “fu” and “cunt” kid. The reason being is that I encountered them before that life. 2 lifes ago I was born as an eve who had a baby that wouldnt stop jumping out my hands,they then tried to say “cunt” but I left him for dead as soon as c came up. Later I had them again and they said “die” so I let them die again. After that life I was born as a baby with my mom and my brother. My bro took a blank blade and turned it into a knife as soon as he could. They then came back and tried to stab us a few times but mom had a bow n arrow to keep them at bay. It took until I was 10 or so and everyone but me and him was dead so I could kill him. At some points he was lagging and turning invisible so I was lucky he didnt out right stab me. His final words were that he was the “devil”. To which I responded he was just an “■■■”. The reason I know that same person was also Tilly was because a person said “invisible” before they died and the timing matches up. This is just an awful person whos contributing nothing and has probably been griefing since the start.

I would be all up for banning them from the game if thats possible, or at least making curses 10x stronger on them. I’ve learned from past mmos that people like this don’t deserve an inch of compassion or benefit of the doubt.


Mum thank you for taking care of me! I had fun helping gather stones, the road was coming along so well! I really hope someone finds and continues to build that town, it was so nice until all the death… we left after what I think was the first murder, but now that I’m looking through the family tree it seems like some other young people survived.

Yeah though I guess that’s entirely possible. I don’t usually play during this time of day so I had been lucky enough not to meet them until now. Seems like she killed her mum, first born and a bunch of other people including cousin Bella the diverse, who my youngest was named after.

Also I’m crying her first borns Last words were “I still love you”

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I hope I get to see that place someday soon! It was nice while it lasted! and yeah that is so sad :frowning: .

Omg! Tilly Huggu was my mother, and her firstborn an I were both named May. I was the boy May that starved. I remember mum was a bit nuts, and sis May said mum was… Special.

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