Dealing with bad moms and run-away babies / 育児放棄とリセットマラソン対策 (2.21.0)

There’s been some discussions on our discord of players encountering run away babies, and mothers that name them bad names, which some players wish to be able to avoid meeting again.

Babies can’t banish or be banished, but it makes sense that they too should be able to use the feature which prevents a player from becoming your mother or child for 30 days. And it makes sense that other players should be able to use the feature on a baby that runs away.

So here’s what we will do:

  1. If you are 5 years or younger, using the Banish button will only have the effect of making sure that the target player will not become your child or mother for 30 days. Using it will not count as a Banishment vote, and it will not cost you a vote either.
  2. If you are older, but your target is 5 years or younger, the same rules apply.

If this works out well, we will consider removing the Mother’s Grief penalty (for when your baby dies). If this has a good effect on reducing reset marathons, we may also consider changing the Play Button cooldown-timer.





  1. もしあなたが5歳以下の場合、追放ボタンを使うことで、そのターゲットが30日間あなたの母親または子どもにならなくなる効果のみを発揮します。この時、相手に追放ポイントは与えられず、またあなたの追放権がなくなることもありません。
  2. もしあなたが6歳以上の時で、ターゲットが5歳以下の場合は、同じ効果を発揮します。



I like this! I hope this will help with preventing moms from runner babys! :slight_smile:

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Maybe when it involves players less than 5 give it a different name. Like curse or outing, i like this idea but people will always abuse systems. And the flaws wont be to well known until after that happens. Maybe also reinforce repeat offenders of this rule too. Especially bad mothers. The ones who give there kids bad names or ignore there bbs.

Will it be another icon, or just the statement change .
Breaking bond: I will break the bond with … .
Cutting ties: I will cut ties with … .
After thinking, the statement up here is a bit rough for the child or parent .
Deny : player x denies to become parent or child of … .

The button looks the same, but the confirmation question asked when you click the button is
-“Prevent {player name} from becoming your mother or child?”

Your character will not speak, so the other players don’t know when you use this.


Wait is this a update like its official? Or just incoming update?..

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