Decoded Communications

[Intercepted and decoded from the ruined archives of Telepi]

(Corporal Yebtain corresponding to Major Testatin. Codewords: Zelous, Tinder, Train, Ablation, Chisel, Cold)

The boar flies across the savannah with the weight of death behind it. And so, dear comrade, I have travelled the world for our city and I have succeeded in my necessary quest. Necessary for our survival and power, yes, I have found it. A settlement to introduce to the beloved Alliance. Camping a few biomes away watching these boars as I wright with the Company surrounding our circle of light. Excellent. Waiting on your reply.

(Corporal Yebtain corresponding to Major Testatin. Codewords: Quilt, Creeping, Forged, Carrot, Morality, Milk)

Greetings again sir. Been a bit of a mess up on account of my
Comrades here. Turns out the natives are an excellent shot with a bow and didn’t take nicely to joining the Grand Alliance. Casualties mounting, food running out. Reduced to foraging now. Nearly caught myself snaring a rabbit last year, before reminding myself that I am a subject of the Duke and will act with dignity. So no new clothes, old ones in tatters. Could really use your help here. Sending this note on one of the last horses. From comrade to comrade, I implore you?

(Corporal Yebtain corresponding to Major Testatin. Codewords: Wet, Death, Bear, Fence, Storm, Compassion)

Running out of pre-set codewords. Are you there? Comrade, with all due respect, Get-Here-Right-Now-They’ve-Taken-My-Bascket! The locals have found me, sir, they’re discovering iron and everything! This delivery horse is on its last legs, we had to feed it bark. I don’t care what the problem is just get here now. Sincerily, please, sir, comrade, major, help…

(Corporal Yebtain corresponding to Major Testatin. Codewords: Whatever)

Thanks for the help, major. Really helpful. Not sure what I’d do without you, without this stony silence how could I move myself to keep scribbling notes on this rubbishy paper… Just though I’d let you know that me and the Company, unanimously, decided that we don’t need the Alliance and we’re joining the villagers. Got quite a spiffing town going up over here, plaster walls and all that. Even managed to get a new horse. But anyway, I’m sorry for not being a more loyal servant to Duke and Alliance but I must draw the line somewhere. It has been drawn, with the skewers of the cooked rabbits I just caught. So have fun ignoring your soldiers and all that, so… Yes goodbye. Goodbye!

[Final letter dated in the immediate aftermath of The Fall, twenty one years after the destruction of Telepi]