Denver Family- US beginner server

Had a fun time playing with the denver family. It was just a small eve camp in a questionable location but it was still pretty fun lol. Here’s the family link and my family chronicles post <3

I dedicated my life to creating an axe for the tribe. It went smoothly except for my nephew Brandon moving tools and eventually carrying our young babys far from camp to starve to death.

When i was in my 50s i passed down my most prised possessions to my grand niece Elle. Which included my seal skin jacket, the first of its kind in our village, my Steel axe, the new location to move our village for better farm lands, and a hope for the future of our people.

unfortunately i had to waste my final words banishing my nephew Brandon for carrying the newest born baby girl into the wilderness to die.

It was fun guys. First time I’ve played in months lol <3 Mandrake