Devs plz

I found a player who is using a very inappropriate name, here’s a pic… Can you plz sensor it

That’s just disgusting, I suicided. And might have woken a bear up in the process to suicided…

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Maybe you should PM them instead of posting the picture here? Also, I’ve been called worse.

Ok, who is the dev we go to for this?

Nevermind, oh and I’m gonna delete this thread

Lol how do you delete?

Wonder if that’s the same person who says, “hey mom, cum in me”. I’ve had that kid a half dozen times over the last 2 or 3 months. Gross.

I hate the cum kid. He’s learned to wait until he’s 3 to say it now, so you can’t just starve him.

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as far as i know the devs are @Christoffer and @Jincheng. its okay to leave the post here. i find it inappropriate too.

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Must’ve been pretty bored to make these childish actions


Ahhh, here’s the offender!

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Don’t delete. It’s good to call this to the devs attention.

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Lol I already did, Christopher is looking in on it

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re the lost twin brother of @J0aoPestana.

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Just dont understand why u guys put so much time in this game and still suck balls mean time i already made the greatest town ohol mobile has everseen

All of u go back to minecraft

Oh boy, you should see the actual best town!

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Just stop beining worthless all of u