Digging Up Blueberry Bushes

We all know the feeling. You’re tryna make a pathway or a structure and you realize that something unremovable is in you’re way. Ponds aren’t that big of an issue to me because I see why they’re unremovable, but why not blueberries?

For example, I was making a path when I realized a blueberry bush was in the way. It’s frustrating because now I have to build around it or not build in that biome at all. Can we please fix this? Another good idea is making them domesticated, too. Like if you agree so we can get this changed (:

Get a schnauzer dog and go treasure hunting in this spot :wink: you might be surprised how fast it is gone =)

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I didn’t know they could do that! Mind explaining a little more how exactly a schnauzer would dig it up?

I hope this is not a joke . City planning is hard . But then I hope so much to remove cactus and anything that block building rock . Make it a little bit possible for big village please .

Yeah they can :blush: ! So get e schnauzer dog. Make it loyal by feeding it egg halves. Walk to the badlands and click on the dog icon. You should have the option “find treasure” or something similar. then the dog will move from blueberry to blueberry and dig one up. then you need a shovel to remove the dirt and voila free tile. (if the dog moves to the wrong bluebeery just call it back and send it out again. this way you dont have to feed your dog too much.)

The small collapsed mine you can remove by filling it with dirt.

For now there are no options to remove ponds, cactus, sulfur pits, saltwater, oil, rabbit holes or bear caves. Anything else should be removable.

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Omg thank you so much! I’ll try that today (:

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