Disappearing Trash Pits

Seems to be a bug :ant: with trash pits after latest update. I didn’t think to try them elsewhere but while digging pits to make a sheep pen, in a swamp, they kept filling in themselves and then disappearing. Screen shots:

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Hi, It’s not bugs.
Just official changes of jason.

After version 146(last update is 145 -> 159), trash pit will be disappear automatically in 5 minutes.

And, there are many exciting changes.
Check onetech or changelogs of PC version.
(But remember, some changes doesn’t implement in mobile version, ex. /die command, emotion, and stuff)

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Haha that’s a nifty idea. We started using chiseled stone for sheep. After 3 hrs it can’t be grieffed.

Wow, thanks Alec. It was such a freaky thing to watch happen when unexpected!


Oh my lord same here, I made my first sheep pen today and I used trash pits. I thought a griefer was invisible and I couldn’t see them or something. Lol it freaked me out.

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