After a string of lives I spawned into my Eve camp late last night for the first time in a while so I was excited to be able to work on “my” village again.

I always feel nervous having babies and turning them loose. I ask every baby if they are new… the usual answer is no of course, even if their only intention is to sit in the berry farm and eat from cradle to grave, or occasionally wandering to the bakery to eat entire pies as toddlers.

I watched my ancestors after I passed as usual. I have never seen such a string of rude, lazy and crass players. Naming their children cuss words, attempting to stab one another with knives (on the beginner server where it states before you join that there is no killing). I watched 3 people kill the last sheep to get themselves clothing. A few good people kept trying to get new sheep and then someone would murder it immediately for clothes.

I have had amazing lives and amazing children in game so I realize it was just an off night, but now I am so discouraged from playing with strangers I believe I will be waiting for private servers to open before trying to play again… or to abandon my children so I can build something without seeing it destroyed immediately after my death.

I have a question for anyone who doesn’t mind taking a moment to answer. Do you allow strangers in your Eve villages? Is it ok to ignore babies and not feed them to keep your own Eve spawn village safe and for friends only? I am seriously considering tossing all my babies to the wolves in my own village so I can actually build it up and not watch it be destroyed. The sad part is I would also be tossing out one or two great players but there is no way to be sure who will help or who will harm your town.

Thanks for your time!


I only allow friends I know in my eve village, it has been an issue for a long time with people not pulling their own weight or using up more resources than they pull in.


Thanks, that makes me feel a bit less guilty! I know there are groups that practice this and it keeps their village safe, I was feeling a little doubtful about doing the same. But now I see that it’s a common practice I’m relieved and will do so myself.


Ugh, people these days…


Why did you get burned;(

I do feel bad at first, but after I play with other eve which re spawn 12 times in her eve camp (she is Ana), and i help her for 4 lives, finally killed by her child (she told me when I born to her again), you will know that starving baby are the only way to protect your eve camp.

I would say, some players consume more than they offer, and many ppl are city boy, they are spoiled in big city with many resources, when they go to eve camp, they still take up resources like eating pies when they are 5 or keep eating domestic berries when there is a wild berry bushes next to him, I ask many of them why you eat pies or eat domestic berries instead of wild one, they told me “idk”. Yes, they said “idk”, this really make me angry sometime.

when you can play @FaunaFox , get on discord and let’s play together my new best friend lol I miss you!


I miss you too!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

You’re right, I felt a bit guilty about it but I finally tried it out myself and it was a big relief being able to fix what had been destroyed without interruption and knowing it would still be in good condition for my next life there.

Thank you!


If you ever play on EU server, say you’re fox if you’re ever born to me (always peach) and we can play together (:

I raise babies until the age of three them take them out of my village and sit them down by a berry bush. If they’re good, they can easily find their way back, if they’re bad they usually starve. I find I only have a baby come back every once in a while, the most ever that I had was two babies come back and they both worked well and even listened! Not pros but still.


i personal try to keep all babies that i have. i raise them to 3, then let them fend on their own. killing all babies just because a small amount of them may prove dangerous is a bit…overkill. ok wall of text, but heres my view on things:

you should always ask a griefer why they are doing what they are doing, an try to fuigure out what kind of griefer they are:
From my experience, there are several groups of ‘greifers’:

  1. new players. these players might be doing something, for example killing sheep for clothes, but they do not realise the consequences of doing so. they do not realise how hard it is to get new sheep, or even that sheep can breed. some grief because they do not know how to play properly, and destroying is much easier to learn then creating. it gives them something to do.

How to deal with them: tell them the consequences. don’t be mean about it, try to do it gently. teach them how to do the action properly - teach them to feed a lamb before killing a sheep. another option is to tell them to take the tutorials, because those are very helpful
i don’t think its fair to kill these players as babies, because you never give them a chance to learn. if you teach them how to play, they can be valuable assets to any eve camp. you can teach them to do one job, and they will do it for you. many of these players end up as berry-bush tenders, as it’s really the easiest job to take. it makes things run smoother, because you will never have to waste your time tending berries; this lets you do the more complex jobs: forging, building sheep pens, ect.

  1. young players. These people, even if they have played a long time, do not think about how something will affect the village as a whole. Kids have not learned cause and effect yet, and are selfish. telling them they are doing something wrong usually leads to yelling matches and escalation. they are just here to have fun, and doing work isn’t fun, so they cut corners - they kill the last sheep.

How to deal with them: it is very difficult to deal with these players, as they aren’t very rational. try to teach them to do the action properly, but don’t be confrontational. if they truely cannot be reasoned with, kill 'em. the kid will probably grow bored of playing after a while of being killed, and either mature up and learn selflessness or quit the game, hopefully to return when they are older. much like the new players, though, if you manage to get one to listen, they can become valuable assets to a camp and free up time for you to do more complex jobs.

  1. jerks. they mess things up on purpose. they can’t really be reasoned with. these are people that are mature, informed people, but choose to grief anyways, for enjoyment or to let of steam.
    how to deal with them: kill em, and curse them.

anyways, from what i see, 2/3 of the ‘greifer’ population can be reformed - with a little patience, you can make a would-be burden into an asset.
yes, spending time teaching new and young players can take up time you need for other jobs, but remember: the more people you teach how to play, the less people are destroying things tomorrow. spending all your time teaching someone how to play may make your eve camp fail in the short-run, but in the long run, it really helps. it’s like a pyramid scheme: if one teaches 5 players, and each of those players teach 5 players, and if THOSE players teach 5 players, then you end up getting a lot of people that know what they are doing.

tl;dr: i find that many greifers just don’t know what they are doing or why it is bad, and teaching them how to do things properly is beneficial in the long-run, even if it fails in the short-run.


Lillian! You were my son in game, the first baby I kept in a while! You convinced me to keep you after I had abandoned you twice before! Thank you for composting!!

You do make some excellent points and of course I agree with trying to teach and help new players, and I do so in other people’s villages.

In my own however I have made the decision to only play with trusted friends. Too many times I have seen some nasty players that are born into my town that name their babies cuss words, attempt to stab each other the moment they can pick up a knife, they destroy the sheep pen (on purpose, not on accident), hide tools, eat everything in sight and do not help one moment of their life, they just eat.

I definitely appreciate your viewpoint and see that you are a good player. I hope to meet up again soon!


me too! it was quite the surprise to me to find you in-game only minutes after posting this, lol. bit of a strange coincidence tbh. i’m glad you decided to keep me, the third time around!


I hope one day, we can cross paths. I might be a slow learner, but I try. I usually only grab from the domesticated bushes when I’m starving or usually a female with a kid- then at three the kid should be good. I might take that tip, and make my kid walk back to prove they good to keep. It’ll save me a lot of trouble keeping the afks alive


Sometimes its a good idea if you notice a female baby thats afk alive. Take them and put them on the town fire and hover around the area once their old enough to have babys. Force feed babys berrys if you have to to keep them alive. That one afk player could end up being the last life line for your village. Especially on the begginer servers where population can massivly drop in a mater of minutes.


Sorry for the text wall i sometimes get carried away typing lol.

Fundamentally i agree that some griefers are rehabilatable but i choose to not accept babies when im playing with close friends. The reason is simple like you said your self those babies are there to enjoy themselves but so are we. If ive spent over 4 hrs building a town its devastating to my enjoyment of the game to find the pen i built destroyed the iron i mined hidden, my farms destroyed, my floors removed, etc all because of one griefer. And thats only after four hours of work. The fellowships had towns built by at least 10 members who put in a total of at least 200hrs wiped out almost completely because we let random players play in our town.

Im not saying that you should solo or join any groups or be a griefer to enjoy the game. A little bit of chaos is good in games but i am saying why should i let possible griefers into a town ive personally spent 20 full hour lives in as an eve so that i could be stabed and lose my eve spawn? Then after a lot of effort manage to find my way back to find everything destroyed and ugly walls and etc blocking things?
Most of the time when i notice a particular baby thats begging me to feed them i explain to them its a private town then let them starve. Theres plenty of servers for them to play on or they can try to found their own town.

Ill play with other players when born to them but i wont keep them when im in my own town to protect my own enjoyment.

My opinion on the young kids playing is that if theyre young enough to not understand when you explain something or to beleave that everyone hates them because they are abandoned by one player repetavily (they can tell because of the family tree) theyre to young to be playing this game.

When most english servers population barely cresses 20 players at the busiest its likely that your going to get that same griefer who destroyed your town and ruined your enjoyment again. A one hr time out (curse system) is simply not enough to make them change their ways. And it will take much more time to rebuild your town if the population even survives than it would for them to live a life then get reborn to grief again.

From the way you talk about griefers i assume your from the begginer server. Im not saying thats bad its just the begginer server is filled with accidental griefers or rather just people who are still noobs. And the population is usually high enough there that people wouldnt be able to make multi gen solo camps anyways. Teaching babys there can have massive impact like you said but on the us server and eu server it is the opposite.

Your more likely to raise a griefer thats pretending to be a noob. As soon as they have the chance you have an arrow in you or everythings destroyed. Or youve got bears in your camp.


This is a tough subject. It gets complicated when you have so many different factors to consider. So lets try saying what we want that can deviate the consequences of having a griefer as a baby.

Like what would make it less bad if you had to raise a griefer and didn’t know? What would make it more noticeable that someone is a griefer?

I already tried informing people but that can only go so far as the ones that read it. What in game would help people notice griefers? What would help to definitly determine a griefer from a newbie?

If you click on person I would like to see a life counter which details how many lives past 40 they have lived. I think this would help people get a quicker indication of how experienced someone is and prevent newer players from being mistaken for a griefer.


I like that idea. It wouldnt completely prove it either though.

I think if we raised the max number of curses to be sent to donkey town by a few. Like instead of three banishments to 5 or 6 then added a tracker for how many times somebody has been sent to donkey town would be more efective. The higher banishment limit would help keep innocent players from being banished by griefers or frustrated players.

Both trackers combined would be an effective way of alowing players to be more trusting of others.

Maybe the banishment tracker wouldnt show untill the player turns 3 or when they turn 9 since thats when they’re able to hold a knife and the most dangerous.

Of course a griefer deserves a chance to redeem themselves so maybe make it so that they would have to live 5 full lives to remove one of their banishment points. And the full life counter doesnt have to be an infinite counter. It could also be a symbol or something instead of a hard number. So after ten lives they get a symbol. After 20 a biger one and so on at a hundred they could get a special symbol.

I think progressive symbols showing how good a player is would be a great way to attract players and inspire them to live long lives more.


@Christoffer i think these are good ideas to improve the current banishment system and bring the community a little bit more together.