Dream comes true but at what cost?

I’m the first born of Eva Casteel, an eve. My name is Heaven Casteel. My mom found a shabby old village. It’s horrible. The farm is too far from the pond. Not enough water source and clay.

My mom asked me if we have to stay or find somewhere else. I told her with my limited words as a baby, “I stay, you move”. I want a split family. This village is horrible but I don’t want my mom to stuck here because I was born. This could be a branching family line where two generation from the same eve live in a different places. I love that idea. So I tell my mom again and again, “you move. I stay.”

My mom said “Lol. I don’t want to leave my baby.”. And so we stay.

My 4 young siblings were born. We make it works. I make 4 pies. We were about to cock it when Isabella comes and said “I found a big town.”

She’s very intelligent. She’s fast, she always does more work than I do. She asked should we move. I packed the pies in case we can bake them there. And so we move. At this point there’s only my mom, Isabella and I. My other siblings probably dead.

On the way, Isabella pop out a baby. We keep moving. She said it’s not far, but we’ve been walking a bit long. And then my baby pop out. I pick him up but my mom and my sister keep going. I lose track of them. I’m alone with my baby.

I found a small village and call it home. When my son is old enough, my girl is born. When they old enough. I leave them there and tried to find my other family. I can’t find them. So I go home. My son and my daughter are dead. But soon I have another son and another daughter. I stayed until they old enough and try to find my sister. I can’t find them. I have found 3 village, but non of them are big as my sister describe the town.

When I’m home, my son is coming home with a snakes bite in his stomach. He said “east. Big town” and then died. That probably my family is. My son was coming from the west so I go west by mistake. After I realized I was going on the wrong direction I go home.

I go east north this time. Far north until I found Big village. Is this it? But no one is there. Not even bones. It’s probably not it. So I go home again.

When I reach home, my daughter is an adult and they’re doing amazing. This is it, my childhood dream, a branch family where one family generation lives in different places. But… At what cost? I lose my mom, my sister, I’m not even there for my children.

I was old and I told my family that straight north is a big town. And then I died of an old age. I found it later through family’s chronicles that my son is actually reincarnation of my siblings.


Sad dear, I was your mom, couldn’t find you, there were too many towns around. Glad you had a good life though.

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