Dumb kids

Ok, I usually like to keep my posts positive stories about nice people but I have to share the stupidest life I lived. I spawned as an Eve after trying to get back to a past fam, and I figured I would play it through since there was no way I could make it back in time. So I have a son a few minutes in, and he seems sweet. I carry him and tell him that we have no home and to stay close until ur old. So he grew and and we started to walk. As we were walking, I had my first daughter, Charm, and she isn’t afk. I think, wow, this is going well, UNTIL my sweet son starves right next to us. I am a little sad, but he was a boy, so it didn’t really matter. We finally reach a promising spot as soon as my Charm turns 3, and we begin to set up. But ofc, As soon as I tell her to help gather resources, she starves. Now I am in my late 20’s , and I figure I will have 1 or 2 children before 40, so I continue to build my camp. I am now in my mid 30’s , and I still haven’t had a child, but luckily, I have another daughter Named hopeful. So I am talking to her, and she asks me about water, so I bring her to where I thought water was. But THERE WAS NO WATER. I know that was a Noob move, but I didn’t want to run bc I don’t want to miss a kid. So I carry my daughter back home, and we decide to move our camp. But just as we are about to leave, I have a son Named Palmer. Now I can tell that Palmer is gonna be rude, so I immediately say “if ur gonna be rude, then I am not feeding you” and he seems to get the message, but as soon as I set him down, he starves. Now again, I didn’t really care, but I still waisted a lot of my life caring for this child, so it sucks that he had to die, rude or not. So me and Hopeful set out, but of. Frickin. Course. SHE STARVES!!! So I went Afk.
The end!!

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What made you think that Palmer was going to be rude? :thinking:

I don’t think the players deserve the harsh criticism for failing, but that is just me.

Palmer was saying no when I asked him to help us move and was refusing to eat on his own. Sorry to confuse you.

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Oh, don’t worry. You didn’t confuse me. :slight_smile:

I guess he wanted to mind his own business. Maybe he had his own plans to do stuff on his own or something like that.

Idk man, I was so annoyed after losing 2 kids, and not being near any water, that the last thing I wanted was another child, especially A boy. Maybe he had his own plans. It was an empty threat, anyways. And also, I didn’t let him starve, the second I set him down he starved on the ground, I have no idea why…