eeI got banished by 5 people in about 4 min

I was a new kid in the bell tower. And there was Clobra family who just settled in there… and I personally dont like a rich town because I am kinda new to this game. I wanted to learn from the start. So I always have prefered brand new starting towns. So I wanted to go away right away as soon as I came to know this is a bell tower town. So that they also dont waste their time on me taking care of me as the baby. But then they intentionally locked me in a huge room with doors so that I can mot go out … and gather their family member and waited me being 3 or 4 years-old. But then they never put me down and they all banned me. This is sooooo annoying. Just because it was not my type of playing. Wanted to suicide, but they forced me to stay and banned at the same time.

The more annpying thing is that one person insisted people to ban me and make me not be able to escape while locking me in… really What a psyco… I am really scared of this group. Just because to revenge them nc I wanted to die as 1 year old, they locked me banned me. And I became -B1. plz put it back. I have worked so hard always.

And I still remember the guy who was a psyco… his id is ID1139980. Is there also no punishment on him? His name was Shine Clobra. plz rewatch my play. I was sooo frustrated . this is crazy. u should see how scary people can be to revenge… I am so sad. Now I camt even go to bell tower again.

I also wanted to bannish him but couldnt…
And mine is ID1139996

Your mother can die of grief if her baby dies before they can feed itself which is at three. I have a feeling you probably cussed them out since they didn’t let you suicide and they banned you for it.

can you post the family link? you find it beside your character.

I domt know how to reply to the comments. So I posted a new one. At the moment… My -b1 is gone. idk its bc the manager did get rid of it or bc I have played hard enough in good ways. Anyway the first reply to the first comment, I didnt cuss them out. I was just 1 year old baby who couldnt even talk well. And just because they didnt like me running off to die, they did the group bullying, they intentionally held me even tho I clicked the ground to escape they held me so fast and they locked me bc as a baby u camt go out bc I couldnt open the door as a baby.

And for the second comment, this is the family link

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sorry you had this weird situation happening to you =( ! some players are mean, if they play in groups. the b1 will disappear after 30min of gameplay. i hope it wont happen to you again.