Enough with the racism in Asia

Hello to all the Asians in the game ( I don’t care if you’re Japanese, Chinese, Korean or even African…) I am tired of the constant bickering between people in the same regions to fight each other and constantly criticize eachother, on the forum… This game is a “painting” game, where everione can play as they wish and paint their town as they wish… And for f-sakes it’s only pixels… Everything in it, can be recreated, one way or another… I build a new town every month and give it out to other people, becouse why not… I’m tired of reading in the forum of constant replies from Chinese and Japanese players complaints, about “They didn’t bury me” or “They planted a lilly in my town”… BIG DEAL… GET OVER IT!!! IT’S ONLY PIXELS… IT’S NOT REAL LIFE… As far as i know China and Japan are neighboring countries… enough is enough… Start thinking like adults and figure it out… Some people have lost their homes, on other servers, becouse of the constant bickering between China and Japan, over these couple of weeks, constantly bickering who did what and who didn’t do anything… BIG DEAL… Even Developers applied changes to stop this B.S. by deleting servers to make room for you to have extra servers… Enough is enough… (No one paid attention when the “Hail Hitler” kid was life on the US servers, right?..) Why should, you fighting over pixels, be a thing now? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! Developers even opened additional servers to stop this bickering, destroying some servers and homes on them becouse of it… And it’s SAD that in 2024, there is such a thing, as racism among the same "race"of people… Translate this message how ever you like (translator or even hire a person to translate this for you)… I dont care… I’m not a native English speaker, but I’m tired of constantly reading in this forum, complaints about it… as well as many other people… Enough is ENOUGH!!!

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Petition to name all asian server Asia-1 Asia-2 like it is with europe.

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I agree with you! There is no US east or west coast, just US