Eve spawn in friends server

I haven’t played this game for a while (cause of busy schedule), and I wonder if the eve spawn mechanism was changed in anyway? I just bought a new friends server and was not be able to respawn At the same location as I died even though I lived to 60. Instead, I was spawn as eve at some distance around the home marker.

idk how it is on friends server. but on the public server you have to live 10 years and get burried to get back to your peace lily marker.

do eve spawns work different on privat servers? and if so, how do they work?

Which means that if I’m playing alone in my friends server and can’t get buried by anyone else, I won’t be able to respawn at the same place… Seems a bit weird.

you can bury your bones from the past life. or at least that is what i do to get my respawn at the peace lily on eu-2.

but i don’t own a private server.

I tried burying my bones but it didn’t work. I hope there is someway I can respawn at where I died instead of spawn in the wilderness and spending time getting back to the home marker.

On private servers there are permanent home markers. If rebirth is active, it will override the home marker though. Tap your compass to see home marker, rebirth, or bell tower positions.

You always spawn on a radius - not in the exact spot.

Hope this helps?

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Will the radius of eve spiral increase?

There is no spiral on the private servers, just a fixed radius that doesn’t increase.

is it like the radius on the no-kids server? 25 to 50 tiles around one point?