Eventually lonely

I was born to a lonely woman called Shelly True, she was about 17 (can’t remember) and I was her first child. She welcomed me with open arms and loved me very much, she named me Lisa. We built up our small village together, just the two of us, but eventually she gives birth to Jim and Neena. Neena ran off and died, Jim stayed but he eventually died in the wilderness.

I spent most of my days killing boars, hunting rabbits, making backpacks and clothing in general. But eventually I gave birth to my first and only daughter Maria (named after west side story & Hamilton) but she didn’t know how to play and didn’t really do anything but eat. Some years past and I decided to teach my daughter how to farm, and as I was teaching her she starved to death, as I turned 40…

Heartbroken, I went to tell my mother the bad news and as I did she responded with “I see” and then proceeded to die from old age. I was officially alone. So I thought to myself “what’s the point? I should give up,” but I decided to dedicate my life to burying my mother, as she deserved it. Luckily for me she brought iron ores before she died, however I did not know how to make a shovel.

So I learnt by myself, step by step, how to make one. It took me about 10 minutes just to make a shovel. Luckily, I only made a few mistakes so it didn’t really slow me down. While I was at it, I finished a snowman that I made from my childhood and found Jim’s remains. I lined up their bones, and buried my mother just in time. I was finally 59 when I buried my mother and my life goals where completed. I am satisfied with my life.

Family tree: https://onehouronelife.app.link/?%24identity_id=640903334253296051&channel=Apple%20Notes&type=0&duration=0&source=ios&data=eyJhY3Rpb24iOiJsaW5lYWdlIiwic2VydmVySWQiOiJ1cy1iZWdpbm5lciIsIiRsb2NhbGx5X2luZGV4YWJsZSI6dHJ1ZSwicGxheWVySWQiOiI5MzA1ODAiLCIkZXhwX2RhdGUiOjAsIiRwdWJsaWNseV9pbmRleGFibGUiOnRydWUsImxpbmVhZ2VJZCI6InVzMyIsInZlcnNpb24iOiJ2MSJ9


thanks for sharing your story. it can get lonely. so its good you buried your ancestors. they will have a better chance to spawn back. :hugs:

ps. you can also use skewers or a stone hoe to dig a ditch.


Thanks for Sharing! It was nice of you to bury your members and that you learned how to make a shovel. Like Heidi said, you can also dig with Stone hoe or skewers. You need a Basket to remove the dirt after every dig step. :slight_smile: