I’m not fond of being an Eve unless it was specifically my intention to be. Don’t know why, it’s just not an enjoyable way of playing the game for me. I like to have preexisting society.

So, with that background tidbit, onto the story. Born as an eve on the US-1 server and you can guess my reaction. Upon seeking out a danger to end this sad life, I stumbled across a small abandoned camp in decent conditions. Full berry farm. Just as my hunger bars were successfully down to three, I popped out a baby girl. I figured this could be interesting. My kiddo knew their stuff apparently. After I carelessly met my fate in the jaws of a wolf, my daughter turned 3. “Good luck,” I told her, very curious to see if this little experiment of mine would flop completely or succeeded. And succeed it did.

I had pondered over what the outcome would be after I died; she could think of the situation as hopeless and suicide in her mother’s footsteps - or repopulate the little village. Looks like the family is still going (as of now) six generations later, much to my surprise. Good luck fam.

Link to fam tree: https://onehouronelife.app.link/EAUMLQ9r4U


Ah. I was your great grandchildren. I’m the one who forgot to eat. My uncle is griever, he keep eating all berry bushes without doing anything. I’m trying to tell my mom but the limit of letter makes her didn’t understand me. So, i decided to ignore him and try to revive the farm. Until my grandmother (your daughter) back from picking iron. I told her that “my uncle is griever” and she shoot him with a bow. I forgot to eat so i die not long after my uncle die.

Ps. I also surprised that the family still survived until generations 7


Oh wow, one of my last words to her was that we needed iron lol. I’m happy that’s what she did. My daughter sounds badass. Sorry you starved though, saw your message on the family tree ):

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It lived till Generation 10!


Yeah but the last girl kill someone by accident. And nobody fed her. I think it was misunderstood

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