Family fight over a backpack

I was a girl and i don’t want to play. But i don’t see much girl here so i have to stay for a while until I get baby. My niece was born i don’t know where her mom is so i adopted her. She have name tho.
At first she’s running away from me a lot. But when she see me that I do no harm to her she stay.

Later my niece is 3 and my own daughter was born. She was incarnation of previous family members which i don’t know who. She said she was win chester. A guy with backpack die in front of us and i try to took a backpack for my daughter. But i pick the pants instead. So my niece grab the backpack and put it on herself. So my daughter was angry because she said she make that backpack in her previous life. She insisted to have it back but my niece won’t give it back. It happened even after they’re 7. The niece give the backpack to me and i give the backpack to my daughter telling her that my niece is give up and giving the backpack to her. I hope they believe it and be nice to each other.

But my daughter didn’t believe me and my niece tell her that she gave it to me instead, not her, because i took care of her when she was a child.

My brother trying to give his backpack to my niece but she didn’t want. And we told them not to fight for each other because they’re the only girl left. After they’re grow up and i turn 40,i suicide because I’m tired playing. And told them to be nice to each other. They still don’t want.

What do you think? Whose backpack it belongs to?


The back pack belongs to the dead body… lol

Finder is keeper. If you did something in an after life, it shouldn’t influence in your reincarnation. In theory you should be a new person, just accept the new changes and live your life.


How’d things go after you died?

My daughter kill my niece and she starved to death. Luckily, I have another daughter that I named her “peace”.

I agree @SylarUchiha when you die you die. I f you respawn in the same place you are a different person with a different life.

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