Family Renewed

This is a story I particularly like. Just goes to show that just because you’re the last male in the village you can still have a happy life with a loving family. Finding one is just a technicality.

So my mother was an Eve. We lived together, farmed together, and I was the only one of her children not to die or rush into the bushes away from her loving care. Nevertheless, we were as happy as any two wild wanderers could be. We’d just finished the farm when I suggested that we focus on my mother having a daughter. It was then that it sunk in that we had missed that oh so brief window of fertility; she was 43. The Line of Rock was doomed in its second generation.
But this family had a greater purpose planned for it by Kyom.
My name was Flint Rock, and at the time I was a brown haired youth. I left my mother, with a fond farewell, for she was too old to travel, and set off into the wilderness in the hope of finding another Eve. Before I left I told my mother I would make the name of Rock one heard abroad. For years and years I wandered. I clothed myself from nature. Kyom bestowed upon my the gifts of a reed skirt and a sealskin to keep me warm.
I lost my basket around mid age. Things were not going well. Throughout I must have caught yellow fever at least three times and I was getting into my fifties. Therefore you can imagine my jubilation when I saw a single curved branch plucked from the tree. Players! My long journey had succeeded. I went a little further north to find a blond headed Eve of the line of Wolfgang. This was excellent. Finally, a dying town expedition had ended in success!
I gathered rope and helped make the necessary tools for their fire. But when I next saw the Eve she was on the verge of starvation. I could not save her. However her newly born son I was able to feed until he could look after himself. By this point I was in my final few years. Another child of the poor mother, an older daughter thankfully, I had given my clothes to and I told her about their heritage and where I had come from. Maybe some day the Wolfgang family will remember their guiding mentor from another land and another time. I died of starvation just as I saw the first crop of hair appear on the boys head.
It was blond, like his mother’s.

So the morale of the story is, don’t lose hope! You’re actions even in the most desolate of situations can help revive someone else’s. I can only hope that my mother reads this post and knows her family did some good in the world.

  • Mother: Rock Rock

  • Myself: Flint Rock

  • Date: 24th January. New Eve settlement found approximately northwards of starting location.

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Great story!

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Thanks. If you were involved or part of either family please reply to this post. I want to see if Wolfgang made it very far in the end