I have a family it’s is still going today but I lived happily I was apart of the 2nd generation so if you join in on Us and are in the reed family I’m the red head in the 2nd generation :joy:


When telling the story of you’re family. Please post the link to your family tree so everyone can see.

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Yeah I’d like to see prof that this family exist by picture of the family tree

Hey mother of the chosen have you done a story of the wolflord’s :slight_smile:

I’ve only joined twice but I can try and look at my family history and see what I can write in epic detail on your post all I remember is dying by accident twice but if you tell the server you guys use I could join by chance.

You don’t need to write anything. There is a little link icon next to your player. You simply copy the link that it generates and paste it at the bottom of your post. I have included pictures