Festivities and Me!

Topic1: —— Festivities in Rosecity! In honour of rosecity being complete, me and Briar agreed to arrange a rose town festival! June 26th, Australian time, it happens all day! If you dont live in australia, Just figure out what that time would be for you, and if u can make it. We will have cake, Pies, And (Maybe) More! Big thanks to Briar who allowed and gave me perms to set up this beautiful little event, all Censored for topic2 May join! Outsiders are welcomed but may not have as much as the again, topic2’s
I hope to see most of you there, And great congratulations to rosecity for their big accomplishment<3
Topic2:—— Villagians, im thinking people who main villages or live in villages should have names as people who live in america, are americans, etc: Lilly Town, Lillians, Lillatense, Lillianse, Lillantric. And more, So rosecity mains can have a name, like reffering to mains as “Rosetric” or, “Rosentase” maybe even “Rosish” Ofcourse, this is up to Village, City, and town owners to decide, but i thought i’de give some ideas!


I’m going to build a festival grounds soon! It will have lots of roses and tables to put foods on : )