Finally! A Smithing Success

Played on JP server 3 despite the high latency, and I’ve finally managed to smith a bunch of tools. Despite having to wrestle with the clueless players, I’ve managed to make an axe, adze, froe, bow saw, chisel, and file (successfully made a bow and an arrow to hunt a goose, cooked and hid it so nobody would eat it).

I was able to bring down trees, make firewood, boards, and wooden disks. I really wish the rest of the people at the camp will continue making stuff like a shovel, sheep pen, wells, buckets, wooden boxes, carts, and houses. But knowing their skill level, they’ll probably die out very soon…

All in all, I hope some of them learned a thing or two by watching me so they can progress a little more if they make another camp somewhere else.

P.S. A bug(?): After I used the cooked goose on the file blank, it was still a full goose instead of half. After I ate it, it turned into bones.

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I think players on JP servers are catching up pretty fast. They have broken the longest family line now to 28 generations!