Food for days!

I have a little rice farm and decided to make some food that should last me days! If I ration it of course!

Next is some organization, not just the food but also some of my tools and materials. After all that is done I might get started on some compost, I’m not sure yet. Depends on how I feel.


This makes me wish that you could put rice foods in boxes. :frowning:


Maybe I could use backpacks for the rice foods? At least these anyway…Though I’m trying to save my thread, and that would take a lot of thread to make bags for THIS much food.

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You can. Tie the leaf containing rice with string and place in box.


Btw I highly recommend to make a variety of foods so you can build a yum chain. That way you can work more freely cause you don’t need to eat that often. Pies are good for this, easy to make and lots of variety and you can store them so good so that they don’t take up so much space. I personally enjoy a little foodcourt. Pies aren’t in this picture cause they are stored right from the road.

It’s especially helpful when you eat many little things right from the start like a raspberry, gooseberry in bowl, mushroom, sliced mango, bread, etc. so that you start a yum chain very early

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Yeah, I know. I’m still learning how to make different goods, I just figured out how to make cakes. Next is pies!

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