Friendly neighborhood on en no child server

So a few weeks ago I started a little town in en no child server. At some point I noticed a big walled off town growing north East from me and I was a bit afraid someone could have the idea to loot my town :grimacing: so I left a little peace offering at my neighbors door. Parts of the Santa Claus outfit, a piece of cake and a note: „ a gift from your neighbor straight west <3“

So after I worked a while on the north west town I went back to my town today and I found two notes at my bell saying „how lovely town city here is, I love it!“ and „from your neighbor in north east“.

I was very happy about it :smile:

Dear neighbor, feel free to come by any time to refresh, build or trade (in fact everyone with good intentions is welcomed here)

Moral of the story: be kind to others and you receive kindness as well

I wanted to add some pictures here, but it didn’t work :persevere: somehow they vanish immediately again after I click on upload.


Hi :slight_smile: It’s you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m the person that left two notes in front of your bell tower and live in the north east town from you.
I also left notes saying thank you for your gifts at where you put them for me when I found them in the back entrance.
I found your town several weeks ago but I was not sure if the person who gave me the presents was the same as the owner of it.
Anyway, I want to say thank you again, I was happy, too when I got the gifts and a note from you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I like taking communication or trading with neighbors :smile: Though I couldn’t give back you any gifts for thanks. I didn’t have any idea to give you at that time, sorry :pensive:
Please never be afraid to be robbed of your stuff by me :sweat_smile: I made the wall surrounding my town to protect from being griefed. I will leave something in your town for thanks next time :partying_face:You can also come over and trade things anytime while I’m there!