Geff and Billy

I was born a male, named Billy to an Eve and when I was old enough I started making baskets and other things for my family.

But when I was around 16 my mother went afk and later died, and I and my brother were the only ones left.

We did wonderful things, we made a fire, oven and started a farm and had a overall good time. Until I was getting old and saying my goodbyes. I sewed him a hat to show my love for him and he accepted it, saying he would wear it forever. And at the end we died together, he died from starvation and me from old age.

I hope Geff sees this and if you’re Geff, then I really enjoyed spending time with you and us making a fire, that was my first successful fire.

I hope an Eve finds our base, uses it and makes it better.


Also, If you’re Geff

Then do you have a discord? If you do we can chat to eachother and play with eachother

That’s sweet!

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