Generation Leaderboard

I was thinking it would be a fun idea to have a leaderboard for the longest family lines, keep track of the settlements during the beta and how long they lasted, the families and the players that were members of those families, that kind of thing?!

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think the longest family line so far was the Wolflord family, which lasted for 13 generations!!!
I was Kagome Wolflord, 2nd Generation! Daughter of Aria Wolflord 1st Generation!
Mother to Cynthia, Reina, Aria (the second), Robin and Selena Wolflord 3rd Generation!


There was actually one single child born as 14th generation too, but she didn’t survive to adulthood.

I was Bumpy Wolflord of the 4th generation, Kagome’s granddaughter. I started the pie making and once our talented blacksmith created a shovel, I used it to build the village well. (Who was the blacksmith?)

Bumpy’s dream was to create a 3x3 patch of berry bushes right next to the well, but alas she died of old age before completing the task.

Impressive family tree, biggest I saw on mobile so far. Looks like there was some violent drama in the later generations too, with three people killed? I’d love to hear the story behind that tragedy…


OMG that was u making pies haha i was shiz wolford and later on who. (I was the clothes maker and i made ALOT of clothes if i dont say so myself)

Ok so basicaly somebody crafted a knife to protect the village later it became that whoever had it in there bagpack was the ‘queen’ the queens bacame EXTREMELY greedy and they thought they were better then others. So our second queen stole the knife from the rightfull queen (me i wasint bothered tho i was jist a simoke farmer at the time) she then started threaghtening people with it. At this point i had a baby (the lasy queen) and once she saw that she started crafting a arrow to shoot the queen (she said it was becahse she didint want the queen kill someone but later on i dound out it wasint) she shot the queen and then pickes up the knife asap and then when i was 58 she tells me to come i do and to my horror my own daughter pulls out her knife and stabs me i lucliky and able to get back to the village but i am unable to say who before i drop dead. I get reborn and letter by letter i tell me story. We live in edgy peace for the next 1-2 so years.(someone crafted a arrow but i told them DONT kill the queen) Untill somebody killed an eldery woman in the back and said ‘revenge’ by that time so many people had died wolford couldint recover i dead later to a wild boar (stupid me)

Ps if u do find that civ again travil south west you will find a wooden cart with a full baskets and a skeleton thats got fully clothed (thats me

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Wow, I think it’s aweome that I can say I was apart of that! I was “you are maximum” 12th generation, daughter of “ok” and mother of “Hope” and “Life”! I almost killed that blond girl after I stole her bow and found her hidden arrow! I was convinced violence was not the answer and backed down… lol, I think that was awesome!

I even later had a timid conversation with the murderer while planting carrots, she told me she was getting revenge for a random killing that was done to her. So she returned the favor after asking “how old are you?”… She later asked if we should vote for a new queen… I voted myself queen to get the knife from her! :joy: but sadly I never got it, to hide… and the population dropped because no more children spawned… sooo…

If you meet me in game and I’m the eve I like to have the family line name “Awesome”!

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DUDE I WAS JUST PLAYING WITH YOU haha unfortubatly i kept leaving u cause i was trying to join a friend

(Haha i was the one that convinced u not to kill :joy:)

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Should we all decide on family names? Like each beta tester picks a family name to continuously use every time they spawn in as an Eve? That way we recognise each other?
We could list it in our bio’s!


My family name is ALWAYS chapstick

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@Christoffer I killed somebody that was 59 because they were about to die and I wanted to test the knife, then I got shot with a bow by a dumb elder so I respawned grabbed my knife and you know Revenge :hocho: (All 3 Murders)

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Also I was there for Generation 3 5 7 9 11 & 13 I was there for 6 Generations.

I was Cynthia Kye.

Seriosly u killed me. u lied to me said come i want to tell you something i followed u then stabbed me (ur own mother) i spawned back and u denied it!!!

Im sure you helped alot throughtout all the gens you were there but being bruttaly honest you were the reason the wolfords died out

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YOUR KNIFE the knife belonged to the queen u STOLE the knife when the queen died and dropped it ffs

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Come on Henry chill out man, it’s safe to assume that no one believes that he was “testing it out” seeing as how well he knows how to play, he’s obviously just someone who likes to ruin the fun of others when he gets bored, don’t let it get to you man, be the bigger and better person…

I’ll be posting my opinion further on a separate topic


Yeah your right sorry dude just got triggerd for a bit :joy:


Everyone I killed was old they’d couldn’t have kids so I didn’t cause the downfall.

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And I originally made the knife lmao.

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Yes. But what you don’t seem to understand is that if you die of old age you’re almost guaranteed to spawn in the same place (unless there’s another eve somewhere out in the wilderness) but we had all the online players in our family, so by killing those people you single handedly stopped the cycle of rebirth in our settlement, by dispersing everyone across the map

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She came back tho.

You killed 3 of the 6 people online…

I killed 2 I was one killed.