Give the babies a chance to deported other people

This tragedy just happened. We couldn’t resist until she killed seven children. He didn’t even name it to stop the chase. Eventually, when the seventh child died, she died of grief.We can no longer be left helpless by these cruel people. A child before the age of three should have a chance to expel people. We need the power to isolate her.
+)This is also why it should have a unique ID. I don’t even want to imagine how disgusting it is to be able to keep and raise a killer like this with our love, and even if she dies, it will be more efficient for the managers to expel her.


Players like these made the game less enjoyable and a lot of good and nice players stopped playing because of griefers like this.
I hope the developers understand how much of a impact even 1 person can have on the playerbase.

This game is about rebuilding civilazations, yes indeed we have a knife and a bow but these are not meant for killing although we have the option to.
I agree that anyone who intentially try to sabotage the overall gameplay of this game should be punished.
In real life we got fingerprints so we can be recognized for our crimes in life, i wouldnt mind having a id in the game as well.

We could remove the first name and only let the eve pick a family name.
Everyone should be automaticly born with their own name.
This way players reqognize eachother faster, and eves will know if they have a new baby or its the same one everytime.

we do not always have to punish the griefer in the worst way and just choose for own safety by excluding them.
Griefing is done in a lot of ways like being born over and over again just to waste the eves time.
Giving players id would solve alot of things.
First its important to recognize the griefer, after that we can always decide about the punishment.


do you think it would be better to disable killing of player?

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Please don’t disable player killing, some griefers do worse to towns than just killing people, and the only way to stop them is to kill them.


How are players able to remain anonymous then? Anonymity is a core part of the game.

Maybe deport the griefers to a battle royale server?

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If we don’t use our real names in the game, wouldn’t anonymity be maintained? In addition, if you have a unique ID, it would be easier to send them to a battle Royale server or dongky

How about having three managers for each server? It would be more efficient to eliminate grifer immediately.

honestly i agree for the time being. I love that there’s that option tho bc it adds so much to the game, yet…with there maybe being 10 ppl max on a good day on US1 server…there’s a very high chance your kid is going to kill you…i suggest turning it off (on low population servers) for now…it could help the community enjoy the game more and be able to provide other suggestions for updates besides the daily suggestions on how to stop ppl from grieving.

as i log in i see my previous family’s tree…Evidence. It’s so sad. that’s why ppl don’t want kids. I don’t mind the banishing aspect. Building a camp that continues to grow tho is extremely unlikelyyyyy right now. I like the killing aspect as it’s a HUGE game changer…but it’s not a surprise anymore…i just expect it lol

Just join the “no killing” server then.

I think even naming the kids is a core part of the game, but I might have an idea for a compromise. Maybe let the players have a unique middle name they choose themselves and could only be changed by some kind of moderator or admin if it’s something inappropriate. Idk if this is manageable at all, just wanted to throw that into the discussion.