I spawn in eden a bam dead i didnt grief in that town ONCE!

Actually… you have.



I never griefed in eden

Why do you think eden was closed to the public? It used to be an open town.

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Idk i didnt dk anything

And im being blamed becuse i have a “criminal record”

No. You’re being blamed because we let you in while it was a public town and you griefed… it was like a week ago, but still. It happened.


I didnt grief!!! Wheres the proof

:confused: I really don’t need any. Anyways it’s a closed town so that’s why your eve was killed. Go live in Kapugen. Its open to the public.

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i didnt do it!!!why am i getting blamed

And also you guys abandoed kapugen because the town was a mess

We go to Kapugen from time to time. Yes griefers (yourself included) made sure kapugen was a mess. Thats why eden is a closed town. If you can find it you’re welcome to live in the palace.


That will be impossible tk eve there!

You guys get the “grand” stuff while us, the non members get a griefed town with no food

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If you want to live in a city, try building one kking. I know it’s harder then destroying a city, but you can do it if you try. Name it Kingstown and build a road. Idk we dont have to let you play in Eden.

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I tried but i never die of old age

You didn’t build any of it, what makes you entitled to play there?

Become a better player then.


And i tried but i lost my eve spawn it even had newcomin stuff!

It also had sheep, 3Ă—5 berry farm 3Ă—4 milkweed farm, 3Ă—2 Corn, Squah, and Bean farm, newcomin water pump, all iron tools, wood around the farm, and i did most of it while randoms did some.