Glass wall ガラスの壁

I find it very nice to be able to make glass walls.
I can’t think of a detailed process, but what about being able to make a glass plate by pouring the glass into a wooden box or special frame?


Considering that it is glass, would it be very easy to destroy?

I wish I could break the glass with a blacksmith hammer.
Pick up broken glass in a bowl, melt in a furnace and reuse.

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Glass is very fragile, so how could it not be smashed with a stone or anything like that?

What you are saying is fair.
However, making glass fragile can be a target for nasty players.
I don’t think I need to think so realistically.
If you try to be true to reality, the game will be flawed.
Why doesn’t the current bottle break?
Why doesn’t the food rot?
Why do domestic animals not age?
Why do creatures other than sheep not excrete?
Why humans cannot live over 60 years old…


uuh glass walls :slight_smile: looking good. we could do shopping malls with clothes stores.
and the radio studio is such a good idea :slight_smile: i love it.

yeah the game dosen’t have to be too realistic. maybe the glass walls need a very fast pattern to destroy, like the adobe walls. not just one hit – more like 3 very fast hits.


Maybe you can slightly crack it with every hit until it breaks?

Why do you want so badly that the glass walls can be destroyed? We can’t destroy glass jars or bottles either… Sure, the walls should have the ability to be removed, but I would make it very hard, so it’s not too easy for griefers. Maybe same like with the adobe walls… Need two people to destroy it.


I mean bulletproof glass is a thing. My English knowledge is too limited to describe how this is done, but for glass walls in yah it could be done by making two glass plates with a special coating in between under high pressure in the multipurpose machine? Something like that. The coating in between would be Polyvinylbutyral (PVB). Also I got no chemical knowledge at all to say how PVB can be done - as much as I know by googling it it is made out of some kind of alcohol base? Maybe someone knows if the resources we already got can be used for that kind of stuff.

Also with glass walls maybe we can use the space behind the walls now that we see that area? It is kinda sad that this space usually goes to waste when building a wall.


If people and things could be placed in a place with a glass wall, it would look like this.


Why not? It is literally a glass pane.