Got sheep again!

Continuing the discussion from Darn Griefers!:
So, I managed to get some sheep back in the pen after the griefer incident! It took some trial and error but I got it! The only problem now is them escaping. :frowning: I’m taking a break from the game for right now,but if I play on that server again I may try to fix that problem. I’m considering making my own solo server, so I might be playing on that mostly now. @Katjes @Maengish


Thank you for getting new sheep! They escape cause there is a free space bottom right. There just needs to be any object, doesn’t need to be blocking. Just one an animal can’t stand on. So any plant would work fine cause you can’t pick it up accidentally. There was a bush once, so if you wanna fix it maybe plant a new one there :slight_smile:

And I wish you a lot of fun with your private server! I enjoy it a lot to build several town designs and this way I learned a lot. Makes definitely fun


Before I took a break from the game I decided to make a little carrot garden to add to the town, since I realized there wasn’t one anymore. So I got started on one, I haven’t finished it but I will whenever I feel like it. For the most part I’m done on that server for now. Oh! I found some sheep skin that likely belonged to the griefer with some bones, I think there was a knife too near where they died. I got the pen fixed with some berry bushes, hopefully no one touches the sheep again or I’m going to bust their kneecaps. :joy: