I’ve already made a posts bout inappropriate behavior, and now here’s one about griefers. Today one of them literally destroyed my whole bloodline.

The vanishing pies resulted in this:

And many more deaths of starvation…maybe I should start a YouTube series or something about how to stop/avoid greifers….because at this point it’s getting out of hand, multiple families I’ve played in have been ruined by griefers.

Also there were over 8 full plates of pie that were taken by the griefer,
Also thanks to Walter for making the pies! You helped the family out for a few gens intill the griefer came along

Alright well…thoughts on this?


don’t know why but the number of people griefing is getting worse these days. To be honest (i was probably over doing it tbh) I stopped them by making a big wall, so far away that they don’t really think there’s a wall. I plucked every peace lily in the walls and had locks on all the important buildings like the smith and kitchen(like 4 doors per room). So if they start a rebellion I just close all the good stuff off like axes and food. It’s easy to keep everything in check. I also had pies, stews, rice, banana trees, mango trees and more because they can’t grief it all. I even Locked up the horses.

It’s sad that it was necessary to do these things but I was always able to stop a griefer (mostly) and no one was ever able to lily without me opening the doors and getting a lily myself

I have a new town in an old lily spawn now, so far away from everyone that I’m not really worried as much. And as a result I play 97% of the time solo. Like have one child and watch them until the family line dies off.

Yes it was a lot of safety procedures but I really like this game.


I have tried locks before…one time when I did we had a specific person to have to key to every room…actually worked out pretty well during the greifing war that happened between my family and another family. Also it is sad.


Also I’d recommend watching this:

(The intro may be cringey but the vid is a good little like crash course ig)


I’ve never seen that video before…thanks for sharing it!

Honestly, I have no idea why greifers even exist. How do you receive enjoyment through torture of other people, be it in a form of a video game? Do they just like unmaking other people’s progress because they themselves don’t have the ability to do the same?


I have watched my 12 year old nephew play Roblox and other open-world style video games, and sadly, gaining enjoyment through mindless or random torture/abuse/destruction in video games is not uncommon.


oh, that is sad

This happened to me too. I made a Turkey and was gonna carve it, I couldn’t find it but on Accdint I found a man with all of the pies in town away from it AND my cooked Turkey :rage: I told the rest of thw town after the man , let’s name him Dan. Pleaded me not to. I came back with town members to transport the stolen food back but he moved farther away. We hid the pies we stole back in a cart and held it so he couldn’t take it. But he held my Turkey close and refused to give it.He. Was hiding in the rainforest biome and got bit by bugs. We got the Turkey back but we might of lost a couple pies. I saw sheep loose in the biome too. It might have been the same person? In an update I’ll add more info about him and his quote .


i met someone who called her baby “pwussy”……….and she abandon me.