Griefing Mission on jp-normal-1

After talking about the apocalypse in another thread I suddenly felt the need to grief a civilization. I tried a couple different servers looking for the perfect city. Then I tried the Japanese servers. I hit the jackpot on the first one. They were the most advanced japanese civilization I have seen yet. They had everything just shy of building walls and oddly enough no weapons. It was like they were asking me to come and kill them. Look, Im getting ahead of myself. I was born to an eve, one of many in this town. I was her last and one surviving child. I was dropped off at the nursery desert. There were 5 other children and 2 caretakers. When I grew up I went exploring. Once I was familiar with the terrain I went to find iron. I brought back 2 baskets full and tried to forge to pass the time. This turned out to be pointless as there were 3 or 4 people fumbling around with everything. Trying to figure out how the forge worked. That was when I realized this place was way overcrowded. Good thing I showed up. First I jumped in and finished someone’s backpack and took it. Next I went to the next green biome over and made a bow and 4 arrows. I hid the bow behind a tree just south of town and a basket of arrows to the east. I grabbed a pie just after it was made and put it in my backpack and hid 4 omelette behind strategically located trees. With everything in place I was time to get to work.

Phase 1: Operation Stone Age
I ran around and took random tools. First I took the shovel and buried all the bones to brake the shovel. Then I went to the forge and filled my backpack with anything that would fit. After 3 trips I came back to people asking “who took the tools?”. I told them that “kid took tools west” in reality the tools were only 15 tiles east of the forge. I hid the froe, adaze and 3 hoes to the south. When I found the axe, I thought of the most evil plan ever. Ill chop down all the maple trees. I indiscriminately cut down about 30 maple trees before the axe broke. By this time I had just turned 40. Operation Stone Age was a success.

Phase 2 Operation Fish Barrel
I went around and checked that all of my supplies were in place then went to scope out the town. I needed to see who if anyone was armed. Out of more than 15 inhabitants this city was only protected by a single bow and arrow. I took the bow and killed the blacksmiths apprentice. Cue the expletives and “why”s in both languages. I know a little japanese. I ran off to the west with my bloody bow stopping only once on the edge of the desert to reset my temperature. After I had recovered from combat stress. I ate a couple berries, reloaded my bow and headed east. I stood by the forge and waited. A couple people passed by without stopping. I let them pass. Then someone was dumb enough to stand next to me. I shot him immediately. I went to the east this time as I was aware of my aging body. I would only survive 2 more kills. So I went to town one last time with 3 arrows, a bow, a half a pie and the knowledge about some omelettes. I walked through the berry fields and again waited. My son came up and started eating. I waited for him to eat then I shot him. The usual questions were asked, but this time I didn’t leave. I walked over to the same spot in the desert that my mom had placed me in. There I watched people surround me. They had a plan. They put carrots all around me and waited for me to pick one up. So they could take the bow. I watched a kid try and help by bringing arrows and setting them down nearby. He produced 2 arrows. When the combat stress wore off. I quickly ran over and grabbed an arrow and shot the kid who brought it. Everyone just stood there in awe as I walked back to my spot in the desert. I spent the rest of my life watching them panic and run around trying desperately to finish their bow. Operation Fish Barrel was a success.


Well that was just plain cruel :laughing: once the new curse update comes out players like you will end up cursed :’) weather there bringing donkey town out here on mobile I’m not sure but I’m sure you will end up there :’) must say one hell of a plan (not taking that away from you) but judging how well you performed that that wasn’t probably not the first time you’ve griefed in a town :’)


no @hayleygreen you are wrong… I spoke about japanese massacres (I was obsessed with killing the japanese) and LavishFox got infected with a plage known as “kill all japanese” and he did what he thought was right…

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@BlueBird :laughing::laughing::laughing: what an awful disease that must be stay away from me I don’t want to get Infected!

I’ll admit this is horrible and griefing has always been such a children’s hobby but I have to recognize a mad genius when I see one. Props to you, if I was your victim I wouldn’t even be mad.

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Great run!

Proud of yourself! Fair game killing people but hiding tools and chopping the trees, too far!
Just play the game stop being a ■■■■■■■


I wonder if there should be a griefing moral code? That would be strange : )

There’s no exact way to play the game, for the most part.

I made a Japanese griefer friend when I was marked. As I raised him we talked about how many people we killed, he knew English well. Hiding food, bow, arrows, and knives is the first thing for setting it up. I don’t agree with the hidding tools and town items unless you kill with it. I’m not a griefer but after so many life’s with no update like the Christmas one and living in the oldest biggest city over and over I got bored. Two bell towns made a road and connected it was awesome. I played there for a week, made cars lost them. I grew a big tree farm one life and hid all I would need in it to kill if I came back. I shot so many people and they never could find me. Anyone who spent to long in my trees got stabbed or shot. I died at 60 countless people I killed behind my trees. Lots of people got stitches. My targets were males of any age and then anyone with weapons if they came to stop me.

I say, being griever is easy as pie.

I agree with your comment that there is no right way to play a game, but only if its not at the expense of other people’s experience.Which it is, thus causing it to will be hurtful and therefore bad to do. I can understand trying it just forthe experience, but maybe now that you’ve heard otherpeople’s perspectives on how it ruins the game forthem, could you think about stopping? Just a requestfrom another player who’s experiences have been hurtlately from people doing this. But only you can controlyou. Thanks for reading (:

Griefing may sound fun, but ultimately it seems judging from the posts of others that it’s mostly just doing small, time consuming and annoying things which are usually as undramatic as putting some iron in all the bowls or digging up all the bushes. If you really want to have fun in an anti-society sort of way then at least do it properly. Go found an evil cult, bandit camp or rival kingdom. Something with some proper lore attached. And make sure that, if you do any attacking, you don’t actually destroy a lineage. That’s no fun. But anything with some proper lore behind it, even if it’s in the form of an enemy force, tends to go down well with most people. It makes the game more interesting.

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