Gromma Berry

This is the story of Gromma Berry, she appeared as an eve one day in the wilds, finding herself in a huge rabbit field. It would take her years to find a proper place to settle but not before encountering the “DESERT OF DEATH” 10 rattle snakes danced on the land as she weaved through the desert narrowly escaping their fangs. After getting a hatchet and bowfire drill she had a kid,sadly it died,then two more died after that. Whether blaming god or out of pure frustration she shouted “JERKS!”, but low and behold her fourth kid was born and prospered in the land. One day as Gromma was skinning rabbits her child said “gtg” and was abruptly struck by lightning. Bewildered and disappointed since Gromma could no longer bear kids she traveled the land trying to find someone to give her belongings too. As luck would have it, she died alone.