Have you ever be a griever?

I don’t like griever. But to be honest, i ever be a griever once and just once. Here’s what I do:

My mom is an eve, she opened a new village. But really she pick a bad spot where there’s no water around. I told her to move but she didn’t want. Then my 2 brothers are born we still live there. I really upset because i can’t find any water close by for my plant. So what i do is: i woke up the bear, guide it to home. And the bear eat my mom and my brothers and even me. And the funny part is, I’m smiling even though my family dead.

Here’s the picture. I’m the girl. Look at me smiling in happiness.


:joy: “Smiling in happiness.” Love it.

And to answer your question, yes. Yes I have.

I generally don’t. But I have.

Bears aren’t the best way to grief. Anyone who has played enough knows to just stand on something and the bear runs right through you without harming you. Then, one simply lures it back away from camp. Bears are, however, a source of hilarity watching those who don’t know what to do run around like headless chickens shouting “BEAR!”


I gotta be honest, that’s hilarious when it happens.


LOL. I have similar problems with my kids. My early born kids jumped out of my hands running in fear when they saw a boar near by. I told them the trick, not sure if they get it or not.

“You readily admit youre a griefer. You know what I think? I dont think that OP stayed because he or she got you. I think they stayed to maybe try and dissuade you from being a butthat griefer in future. To show you the game is actually enjoyable when people cooperate, build play well together. May the carrot god bless their kind heart.”

Just settling that old grudge love. XP

I made it no secret that I was going to grief and continue to do so as long as we were all being tossed in the same pot together with the language barriers.

What was your excuse again? Lemme think… oh that’s right! You just felt like it! :joy:

I still never actually griefed though just felt like it .3. Infact i took the initiative to report the easily exploitable bug i found that would ruin camps way faster than simply blocking off wells or hiding tools.