Heartwarming Daughter

Today I played a lot, originally I only want to play one or two lives but in every lives Im born into, the family was on the verge of extinction or need man power very badly and seems very sad about going extinct.

So I powered through and every lives I lived are wholesome, although one ended up in sad note of me getting lost while collecting irons and I watch the last remaining family member waited in vain and in the end decided to starve himself.

My last life however, is very wholesome. Again I was born into a family on a verge of extinction, I made two cotton bags, made bunch of pies, and a bit of farming before I died. I had three children and only one knows how to survive after they got past the babyhood.

I named her Epherine Eve, and before I died she mentioned she wished I will be born again as her baby since all her other babies died. I was too tired to play anymore today, so instead I just watched her after I died.

Found out she didn’t give up and very good at multitasking, plus she made me a grave (unexpected! I didn’t talk much with her since we are so busy doing errands). She build a house and made a note to tell the future generations about her building it.

I’m touched she used her name, before I had players saying they think my naming sense suck. And Iam proud of her achievements, and sincerely hope the town and the family will continue.