Heidi‘s horse stable!

howdy fellow survivors of eu-2

as a long time construction worker in the road business i have made some path in various directions. east to west. north to south. even some diagonal directions.

now with the new road system in place i thought you all need some mythical animals to horsing around. so if you have some delicious pie or a home made stew we can make a deal. you can have a horse.

but first the challenge. the first person finding this place will get a horse as a gift. so be number one and join me in the sun of the southern region.

cheers and we see us at heidi‘s horse stable!


Nice! And know i finally know which was ur town, i found that town earlier.

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this is Heidi’s new town, not the one at north :blush:

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Oh, she has her own town?

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maybe you encountered my small town befor. its in the place where also the fellowship is active on eu-2 and there are some roads leading to towns. my town is at the west end which is connected to sam’s hell, cyana and the other towns.

and then i have a new town which you can find if you follow the directions in my previous comment :wink: but its not easy to get there. but its rewarding because of the sun in the south and when you are the first person to get there you get a horse :slight_smile:

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Ooooh ty i was very confused about towns looking like eachother and didnt know where they are.