High seat

It would be great to be able to build a «high seat». If you climb up the high seat you can look around the town. So you can see a lot more – like zoom out.



I’m pretty sure you can simply change the draw distance in the options menu.

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Maybe something like this:

The red area is the viewport, when you put in the view setting to «far». But i would like to see lot more. Like 5x5 the size of the viewport. And i would like to do this as my character not as a user. User do click buttons – characters have stories.


Good idea would defantly help with scouting out an area for resources would save a massive amount of time running in random directions trying to find resources you need


Absolutely genius! This is amazing the admins @Jincheng and @Christoffer should see this beauty. Maybe they could use the new zoom out technology for those agonizingly huge family trees at the end so you don’t have to swipe everywhere like on iOS that forces you to take only small screen shots of a huge family tree.


You know that you can share your entire family tree by clicking on the link icon next to your character, don’t you? No need to take multiple screen shots, since anyone can browse your family tree like it was their own. I’d like to see more of those family tree links in the forum, for sure!

Try clicking the link now.

Pasting a link on its own line in this forum causes some “smart behavior “ (it’s not our code). Leading with a single space before the family link removes the “smartness”

It just shows me that and lead me to the AppStore

Well, are you using the device where you have the game installed?

The family tree viewer is part of the game app. That’s the only place you can use it.

Yes I do have the game installed and I’m suing the device to which it’s installed to open those links to which lead to an AppStore for the game. But what I really wanted was a full picture of my family line to show to others that don’t have the game to show them how cool it is.

I see. Then this method will not help you. Sorry

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It’s ok i can always wait for the day I can fully view my family tree and take a screen shot of it.

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