Horse Whisper

Wow I can’t believe they are still going, 15 generations. Though no girls so I can’t spawn in. Even still.

I started just wanting to have a fun round. Randomly while looking for a base I hear a wagon. And it’s a horse with a wagon! I leave my son to go find its village. Several biomes later I find a town. But no sheep or tools for horse (as pointed out by my new daughter. I go back for my son and we all find a city I’m familiar with.

I made that horse yesterday before the city was griefed! When I logged off we had 4 high on our bell tower ( which I started yeaterday)
I really hope to see what it’s become!

I’m sure of you’ve been on today you’ve been there.


Aw I just saw the last man die (of old age)

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Sadly, no. I just want to play on a JP server like before and have all servers to play on…