How can i get rid of domestic gooesberry bushes?

I want to know how to get rid of domestic berry bushes after the previous update… 🥲

What you need: A bowl of water, shovel, stake (& good internet connection and modestly fast device)
Eat or remove all the berries and put stake on it. You need to do next 2 steps very quickly.
Put water in the bush with stake and use shovel on it. There is a time limit between these two steps.
It sometimes works on my private server, sometimes not due to my speed and net speed :laughing:

Water cane be in other things that allows you to out water on the fields

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@Gunda Thanks for replying!
But I mean… since the lastest update, bushes don’t get dry anymore even tho i removed all the berries from them… (or do i have to wait longer?) so I can’t put a stake on a bush.
The question is… how can i make bushes dry?🥲

+i solved the problem! Thx!

Sorry, I didn’t try with domestic one after the last update (you can put stake after removing all the berries, irrespective of its color. I just checked a few min ago)
Added: It looks you can make the bush dry without berries by putting a bowl of soil on it. After 2.21 update, this function appears on hint book, which was announced and being implemented right now
2nd Add: It looks stake can’t be put after you put soil…

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You need to not pick the berries from the bush. Let them despawn then the bush will go dry and you can put the stakes on.