How I Saved The Smiths Lineage - Jesse Smiths Story

Here’s the story of how I was born, how an evil murderer killed the rest of my family and parents, and how my mother told me to run away.

I’ll split this into parts so it’s easier to read. Excuse my bad grammar.

This is a true story by the way.

The very beginning

At first, it was like any other life. I was born and my mother took care of me for about two and a half minutes. My family members were tending to the village, when all the sudden, an evil man (my uncle, to be specific) shot my aunt with a bow. I was in absolute shock and every began to freak out. “Curse you!” here and “Curse you!” there, and “Curse you!” everywhere. The evil murderer clearly didn’t care, as he laughed. Unfortunately, mother and brother had also been shot not long after. My mother told me to run away, as I had just turned three. Then she immediately died right on the spot. I hid behind some trees and watched the murderer walk around the now deserted village, probably acknowledging that he had successfully killed the entire village.

Or so he thought…

Running away and surviving alone

I eventually ran far away, afraid that the murderer would end up finding me. The only food I could find were bananas and berries. This went on until I was fifteen, except my fear caused me to only get further and further from the village, and eventually I was lost, feeling like giving up.

But Kyom and the gods had other ideas. A beautiful baby girl popped right out of my stomach, crying and frowning.

Hope I

I named the baby girl Hope and took her everywhere. When she was a couple years old, I told her about the murderer and how I was trying to find my way back to the village. Hope was apparently able to tell the future, and she said the murderer had died. Boy did I feel good knowing that the murderer had died. Now there was nothing to worry about… except finding the village!

Hope suggested that the village might be East. I thought so too and we went East, looking for familiar places.

Then I lost her… and I didn’t think she’d live without me. I felt disappointed in myself for losing her, until another beautiful baby girl popped out of my stomach.

Hope II

Hope II was born, and I also told her about my story. Skip ahead a decade, and apparently Hope II could also tell the future (don’t ask me how), and I couldn’t believe it. The other hope was alive and found the village. Hope II said that the village was bustling with people.

I felt so proud of myself for successfully escaping that murderer, and all was well.

Hard times

Me and Hope II were determined to find the village, but as the years passed, we were unsuccessful, and I began to lose hope. Hope II was determined though, and told me to not give up, and so I didn’t. We walked and we walked and got yellow fever a couple times, but survived. Eventually, I couldn’t keep up with Hope II, as she was having kids (all of which ran away from her at birth). I couldn’t find any food and told Hope II to keep looking for the village, then I wished her good luck, we gave our goodbyes, she cried, and then I died.

After I died, I observed Hope II and watched her try and find the village. But then she got bit by a wolf and also died. Even though we never found the village though, the other Hope had, and that’s where the miracle comes in.

The end - better than ever

The village was bustling with people. There were tons of women and men, some of which were teaching new players how to cook rabbits, which the new players had burned by accident. In the end, I had saved the Smiths lineage. Everything was truly better than ever.

The family tree:


I saw you. You’re a true hero. And it’s not the end :wink:

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It might be. There’s aappears to be a griefer going around the village right now.

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I’m the eve. I’ll be back when things settle down. If the town is in shambles, we will rebuild.


Oh you’re that Eve in the village?

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Yeppers :grin:

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The griefer really doesn’t like people who don’t speak English.

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“There shall be only one blondie”

Aaaaand another murder.

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Lol. Sounds like it’s the era of fascism

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Did all the Smiths die? I can’t find any Smiths in the family tree that are alive and observable.

Edit: Nevermind, but Michelle is still on her blonde killing spree. :worried:

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Two Smiths are still alive. They’re both male though, so the the end of the Smiths lineage is soon. It lasted for a good while though.

Edit: Okay, they’re both dead.

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It was a good run. We would have died out generations ago if it weren’t for you. Good job! :+1:

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It feels really good to save a virtual family lineage, and have it grow on to be so giant and prosperous for such a long time. :grin:

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And props to your mom as well! She was a clever lady

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The family with no last name have taken over though, so at least the village isn’t abandoned.

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That’s good news! I look forward to seeing the progress when I go back :slight_smile:

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Me too!

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Apparently, @Thomas was the player who started the lineage!

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It was another smiths because it was in a no kill server