How I Successfully made it to Kapugen

A nomad is born

I was born in a pretty bland camp. My mother was the only other one there. I didn’t really like her that much. She just wasn’t my cup of tea, so when the bell was rung, I immediately knew I had to get out of this wretched place. I gathered up four bowls of berries, made a cart, then headed North to Kapugen. But not before my Mom died. She’d gotten so mad at me that she forgot to eat and starved.

Hard times

I’d travelled through biome after biome, avoiding snakes and boars, when a baby boy popped out of me. I took care of him and spoiler alert! He was one of the few who lived. We travelled, restocked our berries at an abandoned village, kept going North, and we persisted on. We got stung quite a few times while going through jungle biomes and fed each other. A few minutes later, a baby girl popped out of me. We all kept walking, but little did we all know that we’d make it.

Mission accomplished

We made it to Kapugen! I couldn’t believe that we actually made it! My son and daughter were very happy and began exploring the city. Everything was going well. The other residents welcomed us with open arms, but most importantly, there were no griefers around. At least until Joseph Stalin came…

The Soviet Union visits Kapugen

I was minding my own business, cheerfully working, when all of the sudden, I heard someone scream “COMMUNISM!” and then everything went black. Joseph Stalin was attempting to take over Kapugen, at least from what I saw in my last remaining minute of life. I had one daughter left who was still alive… and all was well right? Hahahahahahaha… NO! SHE DIED RIGHT NEXT TO A BERRY BUSH!!! Sorry about that… it… frustrates me. Oh well… at least I had made it to Kapugen alive… but either way, it was a fun life. Joseph Stalin got stabbed by the way.

Family tree:

Here are some pictures of that life.

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Tom Stalin (the son of Joseph Stalin) and his friend Luke Haven admit to killing everybody and possibly all of the animals.

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I was tom and i did not kill anyone i came from far away and heard the bell so i was like yayayyaayayyaayyaya and i went there and i saw him trying to kill me saying v3tint was a c*** and i got stabbed by him


You dont know the whole story…

I was the son of hellana

They ran far away from the town and ran away because of joseph and found an abandoead town

He killed everyone and a second ago i saw the sheep and the other he killed them all

Joseph Stalin said you were his only friend.

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He said that and isk why


K think that because i was the only living

What did I do?

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Were you there?

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Im in right now as eve in kapugen

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This town is one getto

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You have daddy issues. It’s ok to talk about it dude.

How do u know xd

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Just a hunch. You can call me v3daddy if you like.

Im not gonna name things that i dont want to take care off