How Solo Players Resist on New Updates

The problem with the new update is that as you all know, you have to force your baby to grow up (even if your child is a griefer).

I’ve already been hit by a bunch of baby bombs, dozens of boxes have been destroyed by griffers, and at last I lost my life by griefers’ knives.

First build a room with a lock, put the key in the bagpack and wait for the baby to come out of the room.

When he is three years old, he will try to open the door, but he can’t open it because of the lock. At that time, kill the child with a knife.

New baby will come out and repeat until you are 35
Babies from 35 years old are harmless to their mothers
After that, you can play the game until you are 60 years old.

This idea may look like a psychopath, but this is the idea of ​​the balloon effect in this update.

In order to get people to work together, I think it’s a good idea to find a way other than forcing children.
It gives an inescapable fear that a child I raised to not die kills me

Think like Frederick the Great People didn’t eat when they forced potatoes, but only when they banned potatoes, they ate potatoes and they were freed from starvation.

Yes, indeed it does, if it happened in real life. As it is, it certainly ignores the fact that the other player has the same right you do to participate in the game. So it’s not psychopathic, but possibly a bit anti-social? It’s cunning, but many griefing methods are cunning, as we have seen before.

Why though? After this update, premature death can’t take away your rebirth spot anymore. What is left to fear?

We have already included the option of playing without having any kids. So why not use that option instead of ruining the game for fellow players who wish to play the standard game mode?

Is something missing from the no-children mode? Then let us know, so we can improve it.


Something like this makes me wish that we could banished player from observe mode again


because there’s no way to stop the griefer anymore.
Even if we deport the griefer to Donkey Town, the curse system will be virtually ineffective for professional griefers because the curse stack will be reset when the game is reinstalled

Another popular attack is to place indestructible items in towns (New Common Tower, radio, pools, fractionators, etc.) while important items such as crates can easily be broken with an ax.

I’m not oriented to solo play and the experience I want in this game is a long lasting, beautifully decorated village with good people. But the griffer can ruin the whole town in no time, without any restrictions, no matter how much effort is put into it

My feedback is a solo player’s resistance method, but its purpose is different.

This update is intended to eliminate negative experiences such as abandoning a baby, and it’s really effective, but it’s also possible to play solo

I’m obviously angry but didn’t actually run the idea above Because I’m not a psychopath!!

I hope we’ll solve the more fundamental problem. The reason why they play solo. Griefers and indestructible stuff.

And I hope no mother dies because of sadness anymore by Baby who doesn’t want poor mom

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I dont D: you know how many times i ended up in donkey town from randomly getting curse bombed cause people recognised my naming pattern :weary:

Twice it was lol… Well its not that much but twice is still way to much when i wasn’t griefing and it was just players mad at the ffs ;-;

Other than that i got banish killed a few times by griefers after they’ve nearly killed off towns by breaking everything and i started fixing it like a pro .3.

It was much easier to stop griefers if everyone bands together to curse them. Observation mode makes it extremely easy to find them.

With how the childless server currently is you cannot kill the griefer to present their bones to others for a banish. Nor can everyone follow them to banish them.

I would like to see that players can observe any player on the childless server.

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Observation mode is a double edge sword which has been used by griefers (back when anyone can ban you from just getting a link to your family tree as long as they payed for observations mode)

Griefers can easily find keys you hide, secret bases if they have enough time on their hands.


How about creating an account?
If you create an account, you can keep track of people who have been cursed repeatedly, and solve the problem by suspending the account.

The Banishment points do not reset even if you reinstall the game. This is a myth. Just thought I’d clarify this.


Doesn’t matter. They still have the same Google ID /Apple ID for downloading the game. They have to buy it twice, with different accounts to get around it.

What about piracy? Take Lucky Patcher as an example.

I think googles family play might also be an issue.